Wednesday, 12 February 2014

the mark of the beast

by & large the interpretations of scripture
is full of error,

the beast is a righteous & the mark is
allegory for those with the mark of the
Lord in them,

unless you can understand a paradox you'l
never understand the scriptures,

the mark ain't sumpin physical but emotional
& spiritual,

the two beasts in Revealtions 13 are both
a righteous, why would the Lord reliven a
demonic person, does that make sense to

the first beast with the head dead is that
of Joshua & his ressurection, the seven
heads trascripted from the 7 spirits of God
& the 7 churches, the 10 horns from
something I can't understand right now,

I'm very sure the Dragon is Jehovah who
gave the beast his power, aka, Jehovah
giving power to his son,

the second beast a type of prophet who
holds the standard for Joshua, the mouth of
a dragon, that is the mouth of Jehovah,

I had a dream last year of a consttilation
of a very grotesque creature & it was an
image of Jehovah, he is not a man but a
very grotesque monster, if you thought
Satan was scary try facing this constellation,

the Father is the Dragon giving powers
to his son, I can't think of one reason
why the Father would resurrect a wicked

the first beast is God & the appendages of
his person spirit & Son,

the second beast is the Last prophet to tote the
message of the Lord,

the chracter Appolyon is from the grek myth
of Narcissus & being trapped in the pond &
his reflection till he breaks free & arises as
the destroyer Appolyon,

the bible is by far the least understood &
misinterpreted book in circulation,

unless you realize that the Bible is a
book about women you'll never get to
first base interpreting it,

in thessalonians he says a great falling away
would usher in the Lord, the meaning of
the scriptures has been lost, at one time
the word Mad used to mean insane, but
now it just means angry,

the meanings of words & messages has
changed over the years, in Paul's day a
great falling away would have meant a
turn of those in wickedness repenting &
turning to the Lord,

but like i said the meanings of words &
messages has changed, at one time the
word fag used to mean cigarette or gay
meaning happy, but like I said words
change as slang evolves,

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