Friday, 14 February 2014

if i am correct

be ready to see the thighs on Old
Lady Liberty get smote with the
force of the Hammer of Thor,

be prepared as is my guess the
thighs on old Lady Liberty will
no different than her incarnate
on her pedestal & unsafe for

if her thighs get smote the way
I believe the burn from her torch
may not be so easy to live with
say if she were a fire crotch,

in the prolly near future watch
schools & hospitals shut down
over night as people find out
that near all techers get those
jobs cuz they are all peodophiles,

& hospitals cuz near all surgeries
& care is fabricated for those
doctors involved to get the wealth
they use to travel for vacations,

I have a friend who they say survived
3 bouts with cancer & survived, but
I wanna know if she actually had
cancer in the first place,

my guess is that near all surgeries are
done out of fabrication of the said
illnesses & that doctors like the
mechanics create & say things that are
fabrication to do surgeries on people
just for a buck & that near all said
illneses are fabricated to gut people for
the cash for a vacation,

if it is true that near all ilnesses are
fabrication to give those nurses & doctors
jobs, one day the light of day will expose
the near total sham of medicine & that
of schools,

watch schools & hospitals shut
down over night world wide,

me, never wanna have kids & I can't
understand why you'd want a job
being around kids so much like that,

if you're a pimp you go to the bar,
catch my swagger, all day with kids huh,

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