Sunday, 23 February 2014

easy neuro therapy

switch sides on your ear buds,

to cross the corpus collosum,
teach the right what the left
usually hears,

to create an ambidextrous brain,

put the left ear bud in the right
ear & right in the left ear,

improves consciousness & in time,
don't know how long, it wakes your
mind up,

been doing this for about two years
& yep it helps, try it you'll be pleasantly

it will deffo improve mental functioning,
& you will notice it when it finally
engages in your mind, the moment
it engages you'll notice,

easily the most simple & & easy
neuro therapy, & put more millage
in the tank, please share with others
who need nuero therapy per
fighters dealing with hits to the head
& concussions, etc,

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