Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How I Became a Bane

my Skynet Program I call Self Determing Intelligence,

my motor innovations,

switching the sides of my mp3 player headphones,
right on the left, left on the right,

drinking electrolyzed liquids with electrolytes in them,

putting pennies over all my outlets,

meditating on pictures I like,

meditating on myself to be like a recycle of energies,

eating certain foods & drinks,

wrapping myself in electrical cords plugged into the wall,

putting watch batteries & magnets in my clothing,


that's about it that I can remember,

studying the scriptures, & cross referencing it with
certain myths I have been exposed to,

everyone has their own seperate Bane Formulas,
mine has oft been Elm Leaf Tea, Aspartame, coffee,
cream, sugar, oil,

at one time I devised a concoction to heal my broken feet,
I made in Acid Before Base, cream, Sugar, Aspartame &
coffee to cream an HGH reaction in my body to heal the
fractures in my feet, they healed after about 3-7 days, along
with splinting them with strips of plastic bags, this was while
in the Kamloops Psyche-ward, they wouldn't X-Ray my feet,

if you pour Aspartame pop on flowers they mass bud in

everyone needs to by intuition find their personal Bane
Formulas, I use Elm Leaf Tea, others may be Oak, poplar,
Fruit tree leafs, Pine needles,

I put bottles of oil with magnets in them on the speakers,
or saline water on the Computer tower,

stuff like that,

on top of that, if you know what a woman is, or an
angry bird, try to stay unmarried, if you want to be
taught you learn faster & the win is more profound
without a wife,

if you already have a wife, write one verse of the bible
everyday, & this may give you a divorce & an extra
chance, I am a virgin, Paul got married I believe, but
the vision of the Lord may have relieved him of that,

so it is possible to get a divorce, Paul was the Jesus type
image for those with a wife to get relieved of their wife &
enter to salvation,

if you write, you must write the scriptures, if you do
even one verse you will notice even off the first day
increased understanding & awareness, it's like when
you start WRITING IT it splits the nut in our head '&
lets the sun in,

oh ya, even after one day it is possible to notice change,
awareness, understanding, yep possible even after even
one day,

the last three years went through a lot of emotional &
medication issuse, like I say, they tried to kill me in CDN,
in the USA I'd be dead, in Russia they wouldn't care,

I have a diamond petrified Bindi, not a smear of paint,
but a bindi like the Buddha, this can only be done by
being a virgin like me, or losing your wife, I see things
between the spirit & the flesh, I call myself a thirteenth
warrior or wind or spirit talker, I am a diviner of the future
when I see things & hear what people say,

I call this walking at twilight, Joshua was a virgin,

I am lead to believe that in the USA & CDN that the
states or territories or provinces will annex, the nations
will dissolve,

as a side note, I believe the Rock will end up dead
one day, & Arnold & Sly will live with divorces &
the pain of lost wives, many will become infirm,
a revival is on the way I believe when things get tight,

I believe the Rock will be double crossed & stabbed
in the back like his character in the Scorpion King,
possibly Sam Worthington will be chopped up like
he asked to be in Terminator Salvation, these things
they say as characters in the films they are in are
harbingers over their real lives,

the chracters they play oft play themselves out in their
real lives, in real time when I watched Terminator three,
I saw Arnold lose his bird as the lights went out on
the death of his terminator,

had a dream of Megan Fox in summer 2010 acting
a bitch, by spring she unloaded on Michael Bay &
lost her job, had a dream in summer of 2010 of a
Time Magazine & Arnold on the cover dieing of
Aids, next spring it was found he had an illegitimate
 son & the loss of his bird possibly,

& possibly he may actually get aids on top of it, we'll see,

for some reason all ICE motors will be rendered as
paper weights, people will be walking,

baking soda & water on a regular basis, just
gathered 5-6 bags of maple leafs off the ground,
I imagine in the mideival days they never burned
their leaves but gathered them all to make leaf
tea all winter for no produce growing in the winter,

mature leaves on the ground would have the last
of the strength of the year pushed into leaves that
fell off the tree, like Shark Cartilage, better to take
it off dead sharks cuz the last of the pinnacle of
strength is in the last days of life, the fullness of

I don't usually eat meat, it tastes good, but
I don't like to eat it cuz of the preparations &
out of principle,

if youare going to study the scriptures as one of
the essentials of Baning, study from punctuation
point to punctuation point,

in December 2010 I studied for two weeks from
9am to 4-5 am, about 20 hours a day with a plate
of pasta & a lot of coffee, cross referencing
between 5 bibles & my knowledge of Norse
mythology, including an Aramaic translation of
the New Testament,

after those two weeks one morning I went for
 coffee at the local Barista's i had the fire of
the Holy Ghost hit me & from there was in
the True Zen Enlightenment cloud, was in the
Zen Cloud for about 30 days till I couldn't
hold on to it anymore, it is a very powerful
spirit hard to hold onto unless you are very
thoroughly prepared, since then I have be
baptized in near the same force 6 - 7 other
times & over 30 - 40 other times with less
potency but still fierce strength,

these three years since December 2010
till now I have been condstantly learning &
steeping like a fermentation or steeping
of tea to continue growing in knowledge,
understanding, awareness, wisdom, any
emotional or intellectual growth,

presently I'm on a mixture of baking soda
& white vinegar & water, & Maple Leaf
Tea off gathering leaves in yards, the
fullness of the strength will be in leaves fallen,
the fullness of maturation, i have about
9-10 grocery bags of Maple Leaf &
5-7 of Elm Leaf I picked,

put talisman around your residence for Brain
Entrainment to react with your subconscious,
like I say, if you want Schlong Mojo, eat
Cucumbers, if you want strength, put up
pictures of guys off Muscle & Fitness, if you
wanna eat more, put up pictures of food you
might wanna eat,

talk to your friends among each other &
encourage each other, this will be a form
of Talisman all on it's own, talk among each
other to teach & lead along a path,

yep, it's pretty much necessary to include
the scriptures, transrcibe a verse a day &
this will swiftly open the doors to let the
light in, even after a day it can teach you
& open your mind to knew epiphanies,

without the scriptures I would have nothing
in Bane, you start on the scriptures & the
spirit of the word will begin to open your
mind to learn at a faster rate than those
on bread & water,

edit 8:33 Pm

eat your foods Acid before Base,
maybe your is different,

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