Sunday, 27 October 2013

unless you know what a Lion is

you'll never know the genesis of honey,

I believe few know this rhyme, unless
you were born of Cheetahs, that's my

unless you were born off the Gihon
you'll never have known this,

not one philistine knew this till I
imagine one of the First Nigliaths
let the secret out, I magine his son
Goliath broke his mental &
at the head games of a runt too bold
off being a tiny fighter but a guy
big on diplomacy hung the giant's
head in shame & cut off his Union
with his believe family in the Philistines,

Tiggah Up,

getting out of the blue lights & seeing the
future of the seeing the darkness of the
future of days, hiding from Daylight &
watching TV & getting out of the chains
that keep you down, every body trip,

could a spirit speak through half & half,
escaping Daylight, always a day & night,

long necks down, unless you are domino
like a crow could possibly, hating what I
am after the day rains down, been haning
around way too long trying to trigger up
retards & idiots trying to give a message
to retards & idiots, way too long on the
street corners like a woman of wisdom
laughing at fools when they hedge
themselves in,

counting crows,  hanging around, like a
woman from the book of proverbs, but
then most people have no remedial skills
& don't care to talk about the bible unless
it's to get rich off psychology & money
being piggy backed on it,

Azazel, the Fallen, Denzel Washington,

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