Sunday, 27 October 2013

went to follow were the crow flies

I got out of the way from a big
mack truck & the blare off the
side of it's Aquafina sheen, but
hey, the sun went down & I
didn't have to deal with starring
at the black spot on the sun,

cuz the night sky took over the
horizon & I didn't have to worry
about you too if you were on the
road coming my way,

all I had to deal with was the new
moon & the wolves having a nights
rest from the chior where they
stayed in the evening to read
to the pups & vomit up their dinner
like good wolves do who have a family,

like they say, unless you vomit enough,
nope the young won't have food to
pass the next generation when the head of
state in the Edge Pack wolves get snipped,

but like they say, the nitzuri won't take hold
unless the fire has brazed the roots to
bring up new waves,

new waves usually hold the hem of the
past as they carry their own in,

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