Sunday, 27 October 2013

people ask me

peeple ask me what keeps me going,

I say the last three years of 6 total psyche
stays & well over 2 years in total of
dealing with head games from my mom, cops,
nurses, doctors, physical & emotional abuse
from said,

on top of medication that keeps me up for
hours every night vomiting & suffocating,

that & dealing with a ONE complex someone
put on me to head game me into becoming a
Metallica ONE,

that's about it,

the masochism got stopped though cuz they
lock me up & physically & emotionally abuse
me in the psyche-ward if they find out I'm
blading my face or othr parts now,

seems that blading my face the last three years
pushed the envelope compared to over 20
years of blading & slashing the rest of my body,

I guess people like pretty faces & a body like
Jesus compared to Frankenstein's face & a
beaten body,

but meh,I slipped those blades into my face
before they locked me up 2 & three years ago,

I wouldn't be me without the blades, guess
they don't like ugly people if the suit covers
what you can't see,

haven't bladed for over a year so maybe I'm
safe for another stay in the psyche unless I
go on another vacation, or get laid again or
take more bums out for lunch, but then it's
probably like that for every one so why
complain huh,

people ask me what keeps me going hey,

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