Sunday, 27 October 2013

when a spirit speaks through a man

something near always goes down


The Fallen,

Joshua didn't always know he would get hung till
I imagine he faced the Demoniac as it cursed him,

the spirit of Jewry cursing the Lord & letting him
know he would hang,

I am lead to believe before that he didn't know,
he like men would grow in stature & favor with
God & man,

seeing telltale signs of his death, the demoniac
cursing him & knowing the sign is now on the

if people think Jesus was always God do they
know he prayed to be free of his death, but
it was the Father who knew & prophesied
through the scriptures to teach him, he wasn't
always a 40 or 50 year old man as I believe
he was 50 at the cross as an allegory of the
50 days till Pentecost,

people talk like Joshua was a cheeseburger
floating around Jerusalem that never ate or
have to wipe himself after he evacuated,

pfft, he grew in stature & favor, what, he
was always there, pfft,

he learned along the way, what he was hanging
on the cross since the conception, give me a break,

the spirit speaks through people, if you can
hear the spirit & what it says you can divine
the future,

could be the first thing a cop does when he
sees his car is black & white like most
africans already know through trial & effort,

if the spirit spoke that a cop will level the
playing field who do you think Judas will be,

if a guy says hookers, & next week another
guy says hookers, where do you think that
came from, breath of a man returns after
another exhales,

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