Sunday, 6 October 2013

thujj nah tah lah dah,

hey bro,

just treat the conspiratainment as entertainment
from now on,
I've done a lot of sorcery on the entire system
of infrastructure, I'm literally waiting for petrol
& electricity to go south,

I put witchcraft of petrol, electricity, medication,
gun powder, I have seen this type of warfare in
action so I know it works,

one day everyone will be walking, the sun will turn
dark, stuff like that,

seriously, they may get a certain way, but in terms
of the city Babylon the great city of harlots, they
nutted themselves when they bombed NY on 911,
they should never have done that, cuz in the spirit
they fire bombed their own city of sin, you don't
burn your house down & think you will excel from
such a thing,

when they bombed NY on 911 they might as well
have been blowing the nuts off their kids it was
so stupid, in the spirit they bombed their own
nation of sin, they bombed Babylon the city of
harlots when they bombed 911,

it's only a matter of time before they eat themselves
out of house & home if you know what I mean,

booyah, meow meow,


just enjoy the news for entertainment, cuz like I
said, you can't bomb your own home & think your
lovers will be happy, just have fun till you see things
going south & get ready to laugh knowing you have
insider info,,


in the book of Isaiah it says that people will be throwing
their gold out on the streets, so if you see chains or
rings on the sidewalk, it would seem no one wants it,
that is unless you do,

if you wanna learn sorcery, it only works for certain with
the acuity, but go read what Moses did in the 10 plagues
of Egypt,

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