Wednesday, 23 October 2013

my take on Jones' parable in the Original Conan

Jones the villain in the Original Conan made a story of the hand & the sword,
this is my take on it,

he said the hand is more powerful than the sword, & he tells one of his followers
up on a precipice to jump, so she jumps to her death,

on this he says the hand is more powerful than the sword,

imagine humans as a sword & they lay around derelict, the hand being the
holy ghost or a wicked spirit, both being hands,

the sword with out hand is just a paper weight but with hand it is powerful,

the hand whether a wicked spirit or the Holy Ghost to weld the sword,

the sword with hand has power but with no hand has no power,

on top of that the Lord mentioned three asectics of spiritual power, the stone,
bread, fish & serpent & egg & scorpion,

the bread fish & egg for one asetic & stone serepent & scorpion for the other,

I don't know which side has which, but the Lord said his would be able to
walk over serpents & scorpions so maybe that is a clue, though he had
many duplicite parables so who knows,

The Lord said his would eat poison & not suffer, this may be literal, but
yet also allegorical to talk of food for thought,

simply put on Jones parable of which I am known to call the parable of the serpent,
with out hand whether wiched or holy ghost there is no power expect sweat & tears,

with the holy ghost as a hand, nothing can triumph over by the end of the game,

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