Sunday, 27 October 2013

it's real in the white room

yo Neil, Sir, how do you do,

back in 1996-1997 or 98
I was writing pick up lines
in an effort to get my 19
pages of double spaced
to get published,

wrote a lot of nice work,
used those same lines on
women from here to the
coast of BC in Vancouver,

made a lot of very memorable
moments, made a lot of friends,

just plain pick-up lines definietly
works cuz it did for me, I just
sucked at the kill, the initial
strike up, beinifiscient, but carrying
through was my friend's

met tonnes of women, back then i was
too young, in 96 i was only 24 hey,

here are some of my faves sir,

I finally found the meaning to happiness,
a little of this & bit of that, & a whole
lot of you babe,


what's your favorite class in University cuz mine
is chemistry,

if I were santa claus don't worry about coal
cuz I'd slide down a cactus to give you
your gift,

what's your sign cuz since I
met you mine has been the happy face,

one of my faves here,

goodness babe you are so much
I'm surprised all the stars in the
heavens don't fall to earth just to get
a better look at you,

you know what the most important
part of my last name is, "U"
(by the way my last name is Uhrynowich)

if you were a gazelle & I were a lion I'd
do everything for inter species relations,

wow, so many I forgot, & oh ya, for a fire starter
really nice to make a moment memorable,

by the way I wrote 50 shades of grey,
you should have seen the 5 or 6 page
letter I was going to send you in 2010
for the trip to meet you, I dusted it though,

picked up off the cloud of my computer,
no doubt in my mind, easily some of my best prowse,
from an experience I had with a local betty,
no swearing, no foul laguage just the meat,

here is my effort to show you,

hmm, wow,

caught up with an old flame, the heat wasn't so much the
the register unless you know the spark in her pants is what
let my mind to register her desire to light a fire with a
but of rubbing wood & the sculpted shrubbery,

getting down to business was less the cost of the cashier's
register if all it took to get on Santa's gift list, she knew the swagger
of all a guy could ask for, you could come back day
after day to play in the yard but don't bother with the pool in the back
as I don't own the house so you better use the front door,

when a guy owns the house it should be expected to
be able to use the back door if you're bringing in the bacon,

a little rub a little snug, & if you are sitting up with a shake a paw
& the torch of Liberty in the eye of the sun, but then they say if you
don't quit you'll go blind, but talk can be all a woman desires if
her volvo is honme full of groceries,

you can keep coming back to the door of your favorite store
thinking the out door is available, but sometimes all
you get is a revolving door, better to go with the flow
than break your arm,

that's all I have,

the 4-5-6 pages I was going to send you though was primo,
this bit here is nothing compared to what
I was going to send,

booyah, meow meow,


peace on you,

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