Sunday, 6 October 2013

letter to the editor,

seriously dude, if those guys are not mentioning women or the room non
of them are very sincere, all Jesus ever talked about were women & the

the room is like the eastern mystics lessons, if guys aren't talking
about the room like Revelation 3:20 or women the way the Lord used to
then they either don't know what they are talking about or they have an

the room is in terms of the place where the spirit of the lord resides
& women are demonic spirits, if these preachers are teaching the NWO
or 911 then they are dirty & garbage,

the Lord never taught politics if those guys talk about 911 or the NWO,
the Lord never taught politics if those guys talk 911, then they are all
shady, remember, the Lord never taught politics all he did was preach the
message, he never talked about Rome or Caesar, he never taught politics
& if those guys are then you have to ask why,

you can't mix iron with clay, any pastor or evangelist who talks NWO or
911 is garbage, when I evangelize I never talk politics I keep true to
the message, you can't get saved off studying the NWO or 911, the only
thing that gets people saved is the gospel & if you water it down with
politics then you aren't keeping to the word, not even Paul preached
politics, he kept to the meat & bones of the gospel,

the Lord talked of the scarlet woman a lot from proverbs & from Ruth
& Isaiah, he also talked of the prison where people are trapped
emotionally, the prison that the Lord spoke of is an emotional prison
where people are trapped in their hurt & can't live a full life cuz
of hurt in their hearts,

if a person gives them a glass of water or visits them in their prison
then those people are speaking to relieve hurt & try to cox & talk the
person into emotional healing, but most don't even know what to do to
do it properly cuz no one is preaching a perfect message cuz they have
no understanding of the scriptures cuz they haven't the holy ghost,

unless you have the holy ghost & understand the scriptures you'll never
give a true message, if you teach before receiving the holy ghost the
message will be filled with confusion cuz there is no understanding of
the word,

people can get saved off a person's zeal & the purity of the heart to
try to spread the word, but it's like this, if you don't have food
yourself, how can you feed another person who needs as well,

teaching with out having the holy ghost is like a blind man trying to
lead another blind man, if you have the holy ghost with power then you
will see to guide others, but if you hadn't the holy ghost it will be
no different than blind leading blind,

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