Wednesday, 30 October 2013

my angle on Evangelism, yep I created this & the pope ripped it off

Romans 1, all creation preaches God's creation &
is a form of evangelism,

most religiodites think you need to live in Lerusalem
to see a tree, most religiodites think all trees exist in

but if you can meet the crossroads in S America
100 BC, who are you to deny they he knows
what a tree is,

what trees only exist in Jerusalem, what there are
no crosswalks in Africa or New York, what trees
only exist in Israel,

what, who are you to question the King Gods of
Maya from having possibly seen the crossroads,

what trees only exist in Jerusalem or by the
Chenneroth sea where they sent out their dead on
Pyres of fire, yep another way to say hell is Sheol,
Cenneroth, Gehenna, & my signature, She- el,

Woman God, she, heel, sheol, heel on the serpent's
head, yep I know the mythology of being human,

what you meet the crossroads in America 30-50 AD
& you can't figure out what a tree is, pfft,

cheers Tiggahs,

Nubile up,

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