Thursday, 24 October 2013

the curse my mom hedged me with

my mom has been trying to curse me so I end up as a Metallica ONE,

somehow the curse was foiled though, scary times those months,

wow, I was near ready to take it but it broke off of me,

I'll always live with that fear in my mind & heart in part,

I don't think the braze of that curse will ever be fully let off of me
till either I die or the Lord returns,

I feel it everyday as a battle I have to live with, not easy to live with,

every day wondering & just having to push through everyday watching
cars around me looking around, being vigilant & observant of my

always watching my back & sussing people out, sleeping with a wedge
in the door every night,

but even in this I am lead to believe she may get saved, tough to deal with
everything & her hedge over me with my supposed mental illness & if
I complain they just lock me up again, she has the angle of parent &
supposed sanity,

my mom has nearly perfect had my bro locked up in the basement of their
house the last 20 or more years as well, I don't think he has much time
left from her abuse of him,

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