Wednesday, 23 April 2014

alcoholic beverages possibly being chemically concocted & no fermenting or brewing, just mixed in a test tube, new powdered alcohol, right there people,

I called it, no alcohol is fermented or brewed like the old traditional ways alcohol used to be made in,

no doubt all alcohols are a chemical cocktail & no brewing or fermenting is done any more

bet years ago when they realized a quick turn over on booze chemically concocted & no fermenting at all,

just made & created in a test tube,

The powdered alcohol is actually encapsulated in a shell designed to dissolve in water, creating an instant cocktail, NBC News reports. On April 8, the TTB approved seven different kinds of Palcohol labels, covering five products made from either vodka or rum, including margarita, lemon drop and cosmopolitan flavors. Each package contains one ounce of powder to be mixed with five ounces of liquid, creating a drink that is 10 to 12 percent alcohol by volume, the company says

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