Saturday, 19 April 2014

alien rape,

5 times during two weeks of July 2010
got raped by hundreds of invisible
hands upon awaking,

each time was 2:00 till 2:30 am,

the 1st 4 times was being massaged by
100s of invisible hands front back all
over, the best sex of my life,

the 5th I was catatonic & could only
move my eyes, my body was
paralyzed & in kind of convulsions,
 my stomach was in knots, very
 painful & cramped, after 45 minutes
I was released, felt horrible like I
was going to die,

the rest of the day I had no strength
& was very exhausted & in a lot of
physical & emotional pain,

those 1st 4 times, easily the best sex
of my life, writhing moaning pinned
down & massaged on all parts of my body,

some spirits I house,
black widow,
wolf spider,
spinning spider,
white buffalo,
white beluga,

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