Friday, 4 April 2014

they call me K-Med

I emailed the fedros up here, said this,

the RCMP dat yozz

you see a guy walk across the street, it means something,

usually nothing of that guy,

just the fact something happened means something,

you talk to your friend he says something,

that means something,

life is like walking into the food mart,

you see apples peaches, milk, bran flakes,

this is life, you go to the food mart everything is there,

the deal though, if you cant tell your apples from tomatoes,
here in is the problem, all those things in your life are
meaningless if it all looks the same to you,

if you walk into the food mart & cant tell milk from
rice krispies you have a problem,

things can arise & take you off your stroke, unless you
know the products in the store, you can be ready for
things if you know the store,

but yep, again, if it all looks the same to you, there
in is the problem,

if you think life is just a one product store you ll never
know the milk from bread,

but life isn t one product is is an ocean of diversity,

if you can t tell the bread from apples you ll never be
ready for the events of your life,

if you thought the events of life were just there &
thought the store was just one product, oh ya, you have
a problem,

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