Saturday, 5 April 2014

an experience in the psyche ward,

had a situation exactly like this in the psyche
ward a few years ago, yep, there was staff
named charlie & a patient chinese, gosh
he was freaking mad,

hey bro, what's your name,

guy passing says Charlie,

 the chiny at the other table notices
& flicks a wasabe on the floor,

 the guy comes back,

 hey bro, what your name again,

stranger says Charlie, why you ask,

 the chiny walks over to my table
& has his thumb erect, & says
I'm going to cut you open with a
knife & shoot you,

 the stranger passes again,

bruv what your name again,

my name was charlie, what up,

 the look of the china man is like
 I just grape squeezed his balls
& his color evaporates,

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