Saturday, 5 April 2014

bone chelating, updates,

focus on minerals in bone,

isolate metal chelates in bone, &
have the patient suspended in
a mineral solution,

trans reference the solution of
metal chelates in an osmotic
have an affinity of the chelates
in the solutions to be trans
referenced through the skin
into the bones,

have a solution of chelates in a
blood transfusion in the patient,

have the solution of blood
transfusion to be affintive to
the minerals in the bones,

transfusion of metal & mineral
chelates blood, the minerals &
metals in the bone through way
of affinitive reaction to snatch
the metals & minerals from the
blood to be absorbed by the

blood transfusion of metal &
mineral chelates, create an
atmosphere for the mineral &
metal chelates in the blood
transfusion to be made affinitive
to the minerals & metals in the
bone for the bone to absorb
the minerals & metals in the
blood transfusion,

focus on re-mineralizing the bones,

chelates in a diet that are chelated to
a certain that when the chelates
break in re-upping or digestion that the
chelates have an affinity to attached to the
minerals in the bones,

like how fish breath under water, the oxygen
in the water is filtered out by the gills,
make so that the affinity of certains like metals
are broken from chelated for the metals
in the chelates to attach to the bone tissue
to remineralize the bones,

I heard about a toothpaste years ago that
wasn't on the market long but the chemistry
of the toothpaste allowed certain minerals
to re-meneralize the teeth,

use a food, or an intravenous solution with
one step or two for the chelate solution to
break & the minerals in other chelates with
affinity to attaching to bone tissue to
re-mineralizeusing metals,

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