Tuesday, 22 April 2014

the chip RFID,

What is the Truth Behind the ObamaCare Microchip Implant Rumor


don't anyone have a care to worry over getting the chip,

Stiggy will catch my flavour here few else,

the mark is a paradox, you call your betty
your bitch,

insider talk,

those who take the mark are the righteous, why,
there is no other food than from Jehovah,

man shall not live by bread alone but by the word of God,

the only place to find food is in Jehovah,
if you think that Lucifer can feed you, haha, pfft,

the only place you get food is from Jehovah,
unless you have the mark of the beast aka
 Joshua you can't get food from Jehovah,

besides the mark is that which is in your heart,
the mark isn't physical but an emotional &
spiritual thing,

if you have a glove on your hand who cares,

you can't get to heaven if you have gloves on,
what a physical thing like being a neejjar
won't let you go to heaven,

the kingdom of heaven isn't a matter of food & drink,
salvation comes from the heart not bottling
your farts for later,

on top of that, if you wanna chip flow it will
take place in the whole earth, but what is
the whole earth but one nation America,
for all intensive case the whole world is
basically just America & that's all, yep, if you want to
render it, then you'll be told that America is the earth,

yep, it says unless you have the mark you
can't join in commerce or get food, like I
said, food, where does food come from, Lucifer,
nope only our heavenly father, you have the
mark you can get food, man shall not live by
bread alone but by every word from the mouth of God,

the matter of the kingdom of heaven is not meat or
drink or having a glove on your hand, if you took it as far
as a literal mark, what La Nuit, no black in heaven huh,
yep people are that stupid still, wear a glove be La Nuit,
pfft, it isn't a physical trait it is emotional & spiritual,\

whether you are La Nuit or have a glove on
 means nothing, God doesn't care about the
legs of a man, he looks for the heart,

the mark if it were demonic, yep, spiritual, God

a penny & a farthing but don't harm the oil or the wine,
food comes from Jehovah, commerce is spiritual,
the only place to buy food is in Joshua not at Super Valu,

man shall not live by bread alone but by the word of God,

you have the mark & you are set up to buy food from  Jehovah,

without the mark you can receive nothing from Jehovah,
 cares not for the legs of a man,

The book of the Apocalypse says you can't buy or
sell without the mark, who has to sell men or Jehovah,
who has to sell, the only food comes from Jehovah,

man does not live by bread alone but by the word of God,
where else can you find food, without the marks of christ
on your hands & feet what do you have, only those with
the marks of Christ on your hands & feet will pass before God,

you don't have the marks of Christ on your hands & feet
you'll recieve no food from Jehovah,

if getting to heaven were as easy as wearing a ring or glove or
bracelet you'd need not repent & come to the Lord on your hands &
knees, the only way to get saved is through repentance &
allowing Christ into your heart, simply wearing a ring or
hat won't get you into heaven, niether does not wearing a ring or hat,

if a tattoo or chip were what would remove you from heaven 6think of this,
Paul hated the Phrisees & law givers for forcing circumscision for the
true right for salvation, Paul said if you get circumscised you'll never get to heaven
how many odf you men have been curcumsizesd, so if you got your pee pee
chopped up in Paul's book you'll never get to heaven, so what now a chip,

yep, that's what Paul said, if you get your pee pee chopped
up you'll never go to heaven, how many of you are worried about that, yet a
ring on your finger too,

the case of salvation isn't made with a 50 dollar bill but the
changing of your heart, if wearing a ring can turn your heart black, wow,
the case of salvation is made in the heart & in repentance &
faith in God, if you wore a ring would that change your faith,

most religiodites are fools who can't understand simple sentences,

only men know what a woman or bird is, yet they won't open the scriptures to
others & share what God says about women & birds,
the secret of birds has been held so long, how do you
explain it now after so many years holding back the
secret of Joshua trying to share the holy ghost a true women,
yet pastors have held back on sharing birds by covering the path with bushes
& walls,

how do you expose the truth about women after all these years of keeping it a secret,

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