Friday, 18 April 2014

possible forced chip within months,

if America goes with chip enforcement what will it look like,

this is possibly months away,

the feign, the bitcoin,

if the verichip is enforced Soviet Russia will have no
economic footing versus America,

there will be world wide wealth sharing, you have as much
money as Bill Gates, won't matter, everyone will be treated
equally & given monthly credit portioned,

you have as much coin as say Bill Gates or Warren Buffet,
they are not of the overlords & will be treated like everyone
else, the reality of wealth will be put to an end,

chip enforcement is possibly only months away, the occupy
movement will take a foothold & portioned credits will
be given to all, no more haves & have nots, there will
be an illusion of wealth sharing in which all are portioned
their credit sum,

the reality of fiat currency will be exposed & the reality that
all money is based on an illusion, when they do this all
individuals will be portioned their credit sums,

the illusion of money will be exposed & all will be
given their allowances as a parent & children as a
means of propping up the system & doing away with
fiat currencies around the world,

possibly forced medicating as well as a note from
Aldous Huxley's book Brave New World,

get ready people, this could possibly be mere months
away, look at the signs, Occupy, the Ukraine troubles,
the economic troubles around the world,

thesis, antithesis, synthesis,

problem, reaction, solution,

get ready, if you know the game plan you'll know we
are nearly there,

I would be remiss if I did not mention,

the verichip is not the mark of the beast so don't
blow your nuts off so fast,

the mark of the beast is a spiritual thing, a decision you
make in your heart to follow Jehovah or the devil,
the chip is not the mark, as Paul said, the kingdom of
heaven is not meat or drink, it is based on faith not
farting in a bag & sniffing it every few days,

the chip is not the mark, if farting in a bag &
sniffing it every few days got you to heaven
then even after the ressurection of Joshua we
would still be commanded to sacrifice sheep
goats & the turtle neck on a man's place in the family,

for masses control there may be given forced
marijuana rations,

the passage from Jeremiah, people throwing
their gold & silver on the streets,

posibly the chip will only be in the planet earth,
the planet of earth being America, the center of
the globe,

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