Tuesday, 15 April 2014

contemplate, the twelve realms,

twelve sons of Jacob, in literal to this
allegory contemplate 12 worlds, the
world of Joseph possibly the world
of greatest fear of Jevohah,

12 worlds after the allegory of
Jacob's 12 sons, all having their own
version of the lore of Jehovah,
same messages told differently,

all exposed to the powers of Jehovah,

different literalness, same allegories,

the second coming of Joshua, a return
of Joshua, not from heaven but the world
of Joseph,

a return to give judgement upon mankind
for insolence to the father & the son,

the return not just of a power of the spirit
of the father, but of a world of high technology
& intellect, a world of one nation after
the fear of Jehovah, a world of extreme
technology & military prowess who has in past
visited other of the 12 in judgement &
soon possibly to visit earth to judge humans
for wrongs done,

contemplate, dinosaurs, the gods of the
days of Noah, days of high adventure
with half gods of those of Egypt, the Norse,
the greeks, all literal gods of the days of Noah,
trans-animal-humans, the gods imbibing in
humans & animals having half breeds of men
& creature, literal gods as can be done
with the fallen angels, forgotten technologies,

the return of the living gods of other planets
from the days before the floods, a return of
worlds conquered & in controlled by the
Joseph world,

what, you don't think Jehovah would like a little
fun in the kitchen, plastic realities, other dimensions,
other worlds of lychans, vampires, & other
strange creatures, all destined to revisit the race
of men in war to reciprocate the violence
precipitated by men,

will there be those brought in the fold of these gods in
their return, will all be treated as one, or will their be
translation of some of the race of men as those who
precipitate violence will be singled out for destruction,

as the last strength of Jacob went into the birth of his
last male Benjamin, such is the human race, thelast
of Jehovah in a backwards nation or people, possibly
with other possible 11 worlds having higher technology
& abilities, & the abilities & intellect of each realm
lesser in part or greater in part of each new realm as per
the allegory of the twelve sons of Jacob, or that
of the ascent of those chosen by destiny for the place
they were to have, of preeminence or that of choler,

the twelve sons, that of their standing in terms of the
allegory of their place of sons, possibly the Joseph
planet was captive to other realms till he superceded
his captors to the place in power he would reign at,

the last son, retarded in terms of technology &
understanding & being the least of the brothers,
not just as a son, but in terms of the allegory of
the 12 realms,

the lat of Jacob's strength in a son captive who in time
takes control, not just as a realm, but as a select people
of his ream against those previous sons in allegory or
those of other nativity to keep the last son in bondage
till the last son rises versus those who held him captive,
the subtle DNA changes in the last son in realm & allegory,

as the DNA subtly changes eclipse the power of those
in the last realm are conquered & brought into slavery
as those of unclean DNA are overcome by the
translation of the rising Benjamin son in liberality &

the last son besieged by those ahead of him till he
rents the kingdom from those who ruled previously
to the decay of the previous kingdoms,

hard to describe if you can't just understand it,

possibly the Joseph planet has recently gained

I had a dream in december of 1994 that the Lord
would return after 20 years from the constellation
of Orion in the south west of the sky, possibly that
was near to when a possibly Joseph realm gained
independence & was on the war path for the last
son in literal & allegory of Jehovah & that of Jacob,

perhaps 20 years ago the Joseph planet like Joseph
in the prison from the chicanery of his brothers that
 the literal of the allegory being a Joseph planet
returning for his young brother, as our technology
would be neuter compared to those before hand
 in terms of the strength of being first & not the last
brothers beaten at the whims of those brothers
previous to the weaker young lings,

just as we see the one side of the moon, I believe
the sun revolves as the earth rotates around the sun,
the sun rotates so we are always seeing the same side
of the sun as the earth also revolves around it,

the sun always shows earth the same side as the
earth revolves around the sun on top of the fact the
earth revolve as it revolves around the sun, so we
see the same side of the sun as the earth both
rotates & rotates around the sun in duality,

the DNA is subtly different in that of believers,
the closest we have in story to Jehovah is
Apocalypse in the Marvel comic world,
En Sabah Nur, the first, higher above mutants
than mutants are above humans, Jehovah isn't
just an almighty god but a super being,

when a person becomes a believer in Jehovah
the DNA changes & a translation of their being
begins, when they die they are being translated,
those still alive at the return of Joshua will be
translated while still being alive as opposed to
being translated after death,

all these tales being the same in message but
different in voice, the same messages in each
realm, but told differently as if by different tongues,
as a tree is a tree in Jerusalem or south america,
yet different languages to describe the same entities,

as a person grows in their relatioship with
God & his son their DNA continues to be
translated & precipitates in a new being to be either
translated at death or upon the return of Joshua,

the return of Joshua won't be just an ethereal
wisp of smoke like most religiodites describe
Joshua or father but as a rce of beings from
another planet or dimension, Joshua will
return with a highly technological race of intellect
& military technology beyond our comprehension,

Jehovah, as I said, isn't just a smoke & mirrors god
but a super being like they describe the heros of
comic lore, like a race of Kryptonians or other
comic book realm,

the translation of Joshua at his departure was that
of a translation to the other worlds, both spirit &
flesh are one in these realms while we only see
the flesh & very select who believe as they are
translated due to exposure to Jehovah are
exposed to all worlds as they mature & their DNA
is precipitated in a translation till they see plainly
all worlds as one as all worlds are one, yet those
who don't believe in Jehovah have no maturing
of their DNA to be exposed & to be aware of
the other realms,

unless you are mature enough in the translation
of your DNA from exposure to the super being
Jehovah you will only be aware of the world of
flesh & have not the DNA maturation through
Jehovah to be aware of the other realms around
us that only a maturation of said DNA through
exposure to Jehovah can bring,

unless you are exposed to the translating powers
of Jehovah the most preeminent super being you
will have no awareness of the other realms &
only the awareness of the flesh or the world
commonly known to men,

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