Thursday, 17 April 2014

if you say you love Lucifer, what,

all these people like Masons or other
oculltist think they love Satan but, they
keep killing those things symbolic of

a few things that are symbolic of Lucifer
are as follows,

black people due to being breed off the river gihon
which is the second river out of the 4 rivers of Eden,
all africans are born off the banks of the river gihon
in Ethiopia,
 gays or lesbians or bisexuals,
gays or lesbians or bisexuals,

lucifer being the chief woman & a
black one top of that,

just off the top of my head,

yep, if you think you love satan yet kill or persecute these
creatures how much can you claim to love Lucifer or Satan,

if you think you love satan so much yet continue to kill those things
symbolic of her, how intelligent are you,

most people are so in a rush to kill all the monsters on earth,
a wolf eats a cow so they kill off all the wolves in the area,

what do people want a world of only rabbits deer & frogs,

everyone is so itchy to kill off all the monsters, lions, tigers,
leopards, if there were one last red dragon & he ate one of
Dick Cheney's cattle would the government put a hit to kill
the last red dragon, the laast epitome of megic, yet for a
dead cow yep, would they kill the last epitome of magic,

humans are in such a rush to kill off all the monsters, hunting
wolves lions tigers leopards to extinction, I thought
hollywood loved monsters yet hunters seem to have a
problem with the poorest creatures trying to get a bite
to eat,

an animal grazes grass & is killed for not paying taxes
on the grass, what it's illegal for the poorest to eat huh,

do we really need to kill all the monsters off so we have
a world of peace ruled by deer & bunnies & frogs,

cool world these smart actually desire huh, wow,

kill off all the monsters huh,

 Jeremiah 13:23
Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.

below is the test whether one gets a wife or not,
 Hosea 13:7
  1. Therefore I will be unto them as a lion: as a leopard by the way will I observe them:
    Jeremiah 46:20
    1. Egypt is like a very fair heifer, but destruction cometh; it cometh out of the north.

      Jehovah is a tiger, Joshua are a lion & a rhino & roosters,

      believers in Joshua are bears,

      the first beast in the book of the Apocalypse, with the body of a leopard, feet of a bear, mouth of a lion 7 heads ten horns & ten crowns with a head mortally wounded,

      the body of a leopard basically means like in Hosea 13:7 that the spirit of Lucifer is in act with in the body of Jehovah's goals & actions, like through the ages Lucifer has been acting as the strength of Jehovah's main goals, hard to explain, you just have to understand it,

      the feet of a bear is that the righteous carry the body of Jehovah through the ages, the mouth of a lion or the message of Christ, the 7 heads being the 7 spirits of Jehovah, it is much more than father son & holy ghost, 7 means perfection, the ten horns are the completeness of Jehovah's power, as horn means power, 7 means perfection, 10 means complete, the crowns are that of the 10 ascents of holiness for the ascents within the body of believers like a rank, the wounded head is that of Joshua who returned from the dead,

      dreams of animals like birds talking to me, at first the birds used to swear a lot but their language changed & mellowed, dreams of cats talking to me & how at one point the local black cat hated me & wanted the local cats to put a hit on me for trying to communicate with them,

      I talk to crows in young crow language which is clicks, to pigeons, one day they will reform their languages to how I communicate with them, one day crows won't caw, but click the what young crows or ravens do,

      one of Joshua's favorite comments is this, " I called it"

      spiders are a very powerful masculine angelic spirit, if you have them in your house leave them, they are there to transmit revelations, ant, female demonic, very gentle,

      trees & grass & other parts of nature are symbolic of different types of men, in the book of the law Jehovah says not to clear cut areas the Hebrews conquered because of this, a line of a blind person in the gospels as his sight was returning was that he saw men as trees walking,

      all creation is the allegories of certain grade types of humans, grass, rock, trees, fish, birds mammals, reptilian, all parts of nature are the allegorical equivalent of certain types of humans, diamonds, jewels, flowers, everything is a type of man to their type, water,

      amazing how some who think or say they love Satan orLucier as they thought the two beasts were demonic or Satanic entities yet they still hunted those animals who made up the bodies of these two beasts,

      what you think the two beasts are Luciferian yet you still hunt Leopards or bears or Lions or animals with horns, people think the lamb second beast is Luciferian yet they still kill sheep,
      people think the character in Daniel with the wings of an eagle is Satanic yet they still hunt eagles, still another beast of a goat, yep still Satan lovers out hunting goats,

      the four horsemen & again the fly by night Satan lovers killing horses for meat or just to eradicate those horses from areas for ranchers or construction, yep, haters gonna be absolute idiots,

      the serpent is Satanic yet again people out there trying to kill them all, yep they love the dragon yet are out there killing snakes or other reptiles, people love the woman on the beast yet beat & murder women & put bulls on the BBQ, yep, more love for Lucifer right there, killing women of whom Lucifer is the chief among women & the fact Lucifer came off the banks of the Gihon in Ethiopia & people say they love Satan yet treat Africans like garbage, amazing love for Satan huh, yep they love Satan, but even more killing & persecuting those things symbolic of her, amazing,

      are people really that stupid, yes they are,

      I wonder how the old girl Lucifer feels about these people who recite their love for her meanwhile killing anything that lives that is symbolic of the girl,

       near every monster in the Bible is a righteous creature any way,

      those who have interpreted it got near everything wrong,

      if you have pastors of age who know the birds & the bees
      & know of man's desire for women but speak not of such
      amours, non of those who curb talk of women are giving
      the truth of the scriptures,


      if pastors don't divulge men's desire for women they are
      not properly interpreting the scriptures, that one single
      thing means everything,

      you can't sell a car with no wheels, that would be foolishness,
      same deal with pastors not exposing men's desire for a wife,

      if pastors became forthright with the tale of women people
      would finally be able to decode the bible,

      Matthew 21:31, harlots & publicans entering heaven before
      the quote righteous, who are the harlots & publicans, but
      women & human saved, you'll never get that out of the
      scriptures if people leave women out of the bible & men's
      desire for them,

      if you knew Jehovah & Joshua spoke of the desire of men
      for women you'd see the bible a lot more differently &
      possibly clear for the first time,

      when John had his revelation of the Apocalypse it wasn't
      some years after the death of Joshua but on the same
      day as Joshua's death, hence on the Lord's day,

      if your god were a bull or if you were to call yourself a
      bull, why would you want to kill a minotaur, or if your
      god has a serpent for it's heead why would you kill the Medusa,

      the origin of kissing your hand like with a Rosary,if you read in the book of Job he mentions kissing his hand, what he was referring to was the crosses of crucifixions along the way, if you were a stalwart for the gods of the Canaanites & you passed by the guys crucified, yep, you kiss your hand, such the origins of the hand kiss,

      on top of that, no one was ever crucified alive, they were all scourged to death before they were hung, Christ was no different, the sweat blood quote, the tell tale, you can't sweat blood, he was scourged to death before he was hung,

       Hebrews 10:29 you get a woman after the time of your salvation, that is what Heb 10:29 is about, the ejection of your one chance at salvation,

      King James Version (KJV)
      29 Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?

      In the ancient days you say you have a vision people would listen, you have a vision in these days you go to the psyche-ward,

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