Thursday, 10 April 2014

vector gas explosives,

a fuel in a bomb that doesn't use oxygen to detonate,

a bomb that feeds off of other vapor gases in the atmosphere,

a bomb that feeds off of other gases,

find other gases more prevelant in the atmosphere,

say carbon dioxide is the largest percentile gases
in the atmosphere, create bombs that feed off of
then say carbon dioxide with a possiblity for a
greater detonation,

if only a small percentile of Oxygen is in the
atmosphere look for exccelerants that can
have the possibility of greater blast radius
with a gas more prevalent in the atmosphere,

possibly re-nuet nuclear ballistics to have
the same gas fuels for say carbon doixide if
the said gas is most available,

imagine re-nueted nuclear heads fanning off
the most available gases in the atmosphere,

the possibility of doubling or multiplying the
blast radius by using gases in multiples more
in the atmosphere than say oxygen,

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