Monday, 14 April 2014

in biblical lore,

in biblical lore, the right eye is removed for salvation,

in many recent films from America they remove the
left eye or a scar or button is on the left side of the face,

if you look at this in terms of biblical lore the right
eye will be removed,

here we have the flag on the right side, biblical lore
trumps all messages,

the queen of babylon the scarlet whore being
America, the right eye removed, this is a signet
of the fall of America as such nation is the queen
babylon the whore,

the last empire before the return of Joshua,

the right eye removed, America,

the heros of cinema of late have the scar or wound
on the left as a straying from biblical lore being
that of the right, the signet of a residence of
authority or acceptance, the opposite of the loss
of the right, an opposite of salvation in the loss of
the right,

this image professing the stay of America & the residence
of stay for Mark here as the hero & the opposite of
salvation in the loss of the right,

very much so a loss of both eyes, as the scriptures trump
all, so here the loss of the left in Mark, & the loss of
the right in the flag of America,

America is like others the synonym of Lucifer, other
names of her are, Columbia, Astarte, Easter, venus,
Adrienne, Adriatic, Isis, Diana, Ashtaroth,   

& as again I've been known to say, if NASA or SETI
are so inclined to know life forms on other planets,
as we kill most life forms on earth, the conquistadors
of Europe killing the indigenous of the Americas,
yep, here we have humans killing the life forms of
other planets,

as i have said, if you can't be civil to the pawns will
you act how to the king or Queen, we are want to
know life formson other planets yet in even our
entertainment we are kiling not only our own countrymen
but the life forms of other planets, if we are in the
least being monitoerd by other life forms now &
before, how do you think they are leaning interms
of their attitude of humans at large for our portrayal
of our treatment of other life forms,

if we are being monitored, what kind of class of
action do you think an alien or other life forms
will have with such a barbaric creature as us,

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