Saturday, 12 April 2014

point of view,

you listen to a song by U2, the direction of
addressing or being addressed changes
every line, you have the person A or person B,

in U2 songs it switches from A addressing
B or B addressing A,

the same thing in the bible, in the bible it
isn't just A addressing B, but many
times near every every address the
person of addressing switches from A
to B to B to A again,

the entirety of the bible isn't just A
addressing B for the entire book, but like
a U2 song the point of conversation
switches constantly,

if you think God can't mix it up & only
humans can understand such a concept you
would be wrong, without the holy ghost
none can decipher who is talking or
who is being addressed, & yes, the
point changes constantly,

every time it says say Elohim or Lord
or God, unless you have the holy ghost
you'll never know whether Elohim or
God or Lord or Jehovah is god the
devil or someone else, cuz yes the
point of communication constantly

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