Thursday, 17 April 2014


been on psychiatric medications since December of 1994,

in 2002 Novemer I was put on Welbrutrin, after many moths on that I came down with a very severe general anxiety, so severe I had to end a friendship I had with a woman, my anxiety was so severe I couldn't even face my mother, the anxiety exccelerated till I went off the mmedication in February of 2006,

my perception of reality changed, I became quote spiritual & in search for spiritual signnificance, I read psychology books, books on zen, books on buddhists, indian maharishians,

in September of 2010 I was put in the psyche-ward for two weeks & put on new medications, in October I had a spell of 6 days awake till I had a massive revelation of certain biblical stories,

these medications began to change my perceptions & awareness of the world around me, during part of one of my stays I began reading the language people said, but I heard the spirits inside of them speaking & knowing the messages spirits spoke though their host person, now I can hear the spirits very well,

the medications opened up a new reality to me, that of the spirit, I can hear spirits speaking through people & the telegraphing they have of things portend, I can divine the future due to the things spirits speak of through people unbeknownst to the spirit with in them,

many spiritual views have been given to me, I have had hell portals opened over me & experiencing the experience of hell for months at a time, I( have dreams of things that come to pass, I can see allegories of things significant to happen in the coming realities I originally see as allegories,

my intelligence has been boosted, understanding, wisdom, seeing things coming in advance of their arrival, piecing together things I observe to tell or divine those things to happen later in the future, being aware of certain realities & able to adjust my behavior or practices to avoid certain coming events,

I'll continue more later,

a few things I thought I'd peg,

when I had the hell portal I had the emotional experience of being in hell, very brutal,

had a dream of people appearing & disappearing out of heaven as well,

dreams of Jehovah, Paul, Joshua & things they would talk about,

dreams of animals like birds talking to me, at first the birds used to swear a lot but their language changed & mellowed, dreams of cats talking to me & how at one point the local black cat hated me & wanted the local cats to put a hit on me for trying to communicate with them,

I talk to crows in young crow language which is clicks, to pigeons, one day they will reform their languages to how I communicate with them, one day crows won't caw, but click the what young crows or ravens do,

one of Joshua's favorite comments is this, " I called it"

spiders are a very powerful masculine angelic spirit, if you have them in your house leave them, they are there to transmit revelations, ant, female demonic, very gentle,

reading my day life as a bunch of allegories significant of realities to come,

between now & when the meat of my journey took place, the meat would have started around 2000 - 2003 or so,

a few of the medications that had the most powerful effects on me are as follows,

that's all I can remember,

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