Wednesday, 27 November 2013

fave songs,

if you began to realize that I
am the man, you might hurry up,

daniel 11:37 no desire for women
if you know what a bird is you
may understand that verse cuz the
guy isn`t a fag but a virgin who
pushed off the women or birds who
tried to marry him,

yep, I`m a virgin an ox, & the man,

read my thesis in Jormang-dryssdal,

figure it out before you sleep one
more night on me,

if you were hoping Daniel 11:37 was
about a fag, what do you know about
birds & women, if you are masons &
you think you know what a bird is,
where you hoping for a fag, if so,
go blow your superiors if all you
care about is a fag at the helm,

good bye,

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