Wednesday, 27 November 2013

if those who are celebrity or wealthy,

if those who are rich or celebrities,
they aren't attractive without a
pound of make up or bribery, non
of that will impress a guy who will
be able to create a new world the
way God did in the beginning, as I
will have the powers of a God on
the new earth that Jehovah hands
to me,

looking good on Television or
throwing around metal or plastic
or paper won't go far with me,
those who denied me will feel the
burn for all times after the Lord
hands me my crown,

I've been face to face with the
Queen, not much can impress
me any more, masons think
they know what a woman is,
do you understand Daniel 11:37,
he will have no regard of women,
not dibatchees but women, do
you copy,

if you think you can create a
virgin for yourselves by killing
me, the person would need the
holy ghost not what you have
to offer,

if people thought the son of
perdition were going to be
gay, wow, don't know what
a woman is do you, every
scriptural reference that pastors
use to preach are in error, no
one knows the scriptures the
way I do, in Daniel when the
little horn boasts against the
powers of heaven, it is tongue
in cheek that the horn being
the Son of Perdition speaks
against the powers of the
world not actually God but
the powers on earth, most
references that pastors use
to talk about a man of sin is
in error cuz those guys are
actually righteous & it is
spoken in code,

the locusts with women's hair
& scorpion stingers are the
righteous who have the powers
of Said women & they have
the powers of the top ascent
of the powers of the wicked
being stone to serpent to scorpion
& those saved will have the
powers of the most ascent of
the powers of the wicked which
is a scorpion, the ascent for
the righteous is bread then fish
then egg, but the righteous will
be the locusts with the powers
of women like top bulls have &
they ascent of the powers of
the wicked in the sting of a

if using the term tongue in
cheek means that much to you
go masturbate to it, I know a
guy who doesn't know how to
say demonic, he says denomic,
but I get the point,

mean while I bane the planet as well,

seriously every reference quote
pastors use of those who are
quote wicked are spoken in a
language call tongues, the entire
bible is a book of tongues, if you
aren't an insider all your references
will be wrong, one of the guys
who had a deadly wound was
Joshua & me in terms of my
mental state & coming to awareness
& awakening emotionally, Joshua
died as a mortal head wound &
revived, & i revived emotionally,

the second beast I believe the
lamb with horns & speaks like a
beast or the dragon is the second,
he comes with knowledge of arts
& uses them as a dragon speaking
using arts the way satanists do,
he has the power of the dragon,
guess who,

John 16:21 & revelations 12, same
story, most tales in the book of
revelations are the same stories told
from other books of the bible only
told in a different way, most things
in the book of revelations have
already happened & or will happen
once more but differently,

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