Monday, 25 November 2013

the holy ghost

the holy ghost tampers with the DNA I'm sure,
you can take harder beatings than most others,

it amplifies your emotional gifts, it gives you
greater insight to solutions than most others,

people with the holy ghost are as close to
mutants as you can get & stay realistic,

I am using my knowledge of science to mutate
my body & jump my DNA to be the next
evolutionary leap for mankind,

I eat my food in certain orders, add the
ingredients to my juices in certain orders,

I wear beef rib bones, magnets & batteries
coins as well as orgone crystals & I can
feel it in my body, literally I'm awaiting to
become a behemoth & a giant of the ages
gone in the days of Noah, I don't know
how long but it is coming,

when I transform nothing will be a challenge
for me, I will be a giant & a Nephilim, I am
chasing it down with all the sciences I practice
on myself the last two years,

you can't just leave me hanging with my
medications & doctors & blood tests &
think you can slip in near the end,

if you don't strike while the iron is hot
you'll never forge a worthy weapon,

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