Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lucifer hates meat, she loves eating barley, I'm cooking some now,

I very rarely eat meat,

been eating peppers out
of the jar the last few weeks,

lotta pepper flakes in this,
wow, hot,

back in spring 2012 I believe
I housed Lucifer for a few weeks,
oh my gosh, she is just a tiny
woman, very tight body, hates
sex, loves getting her yahoo
spanked by it, hates penetration,
looks like bronze, just a tiny
woman, wings too,

there is more than just the devil,
there are the Devil, Lucifer,
Satan etc, they aren't one person,

el Diablo is so massive that God
doesn't even watch him, God
doesn't even care what he does,
he is the master, he's so massive
& all he cares about is being in
little kids & playing in the sand
 box, that's what he enjoys, yep,
just jumping into kids & playing
in the sand box with other Kids,

God knows he's there but he is
so massive & known by God that
God won't even keep tabs on him,
just lets him have free reign,

the other guys are more the trouble
quote Christians talk of the wicked
be doing, el Diablo is nothing to
God, but the others are the trouble,

Lucifer likes to be taken care of,
she's a cute little woman who
desires love & affection & to be
babied, in the days of Noah all the
big boys used to cause her trouble
cuz they are more violent while she
desires love & tenderness & the
others are a lot more rough,

Lucifer is a power, but she's just a
gentle flower that others try to take
advantage of cuz of her size & beauty,

I've known all this since spring or fall
of 2011 or 2012, just never brought
it up till now,

Shelob is real, she is a massive spirit,
she tried to get in me in fall of 2012
but her size was too much, she's easily
the size of a large high school, massive,
I've had large truck sized black widow
spirits in my kitchen, they love darkness
& flee at light, very powerful,

the devil looks a lot like the trolls in the
film Legend with Tom Cruise, very gross
looking, but I challenged him & he
transformed to a guy in a white suit
dancing in the light of my lamp, he's
tough but if you push him he shrinks
back, very gentle, but the type of spirit
in murders like Ted Bundy, that kind of
spirit, very scary, like the guy in the
basement type,

I used my angelic language in those
days to raise Jormungandr & Sleipnir,

no one cares about this stuff though cuz I
alone have this knowledge & not one
person will stand up for me in my battles
with the health care system or my mom
or cops or nurses or doctors,

one day I will be the Joseph on earth to
Jesus Pharoah in heaven for all eternity,
very very few will pass to life & a
heavenly life here on the then transformed
earth, new heavens, new earth, I will rule
on earth & very very very few will enjoy
their time here while nearly everyone else
will suffer their hell for eternity here, that
is what left behind is, there is no catching
away, if you die you either go to heaven
or hell, if you are still alive by the time god
comes back you will be left behind on the
new earth for eternity in either your heavenly
or hell experience,

very very very few will enjoy the new earth,
very few will be blessed by me, very very
very few, most people my entire life have
robbed or hurt me cuz of their greed &

when I raised Jormungandr I milked her
venom on me, she was still small but I
imagine she is massive now, Sleipnr will
usher things in as she is the one who brings

while others were too busy locking me
up I was learning about various spirits,

a spirit came to visit me before my last
month in kamloops ended, I didn't know
she was there till she left, I did some
water wise script & laid down & she
left, a very gentle spirit,

if you wanted something from me you
should have let me keep my emotional
health & not mess around or meddle
with my peace of mind, if you have
meddled with me & teased or tried
to game me you will meet a fate not
enjoyable, if you hung me out to dry &
abandoned me to hurt or pain, same thing,

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