Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Chronicles of Bane, My Appendices of Sciences,

you can not include another in your
journey to Bane yourself unless of
course you can be full off of another
eating your food,

if you have no Bane intuition then
you will have to search for it,

my Bane schedule may be for some
but not all, look for others who are
discovering their journey, maybe
they can give you insight as no one
has desired to come to me,

my Bane routine is very extreme &
bizarre & may be life threatening for
those meant for another way, I have
been given copious amounts of
psyche medications over the years
since Dec 1994 & these have helped
me to get to where I am now &
where I am going,

unless you go through certain parts
of my bizarre life you may not
succeed in using my methods, unless
you have my journey in your DNA
you may not be able to use my
routine as I have had dozens of
different drugs that have opened up
my conscious over the years, without
the dreugs I have taken that helped
to open me up, you may not get the
desired results you look for unless
your third eye pops the way mine
has continually & slowly over the
last years I have been on meds,

my third eye began to awake in 2000
& it has been that long since the
beginning of my voyage though slow
but unending & accelerating during
the last three years due to certain
prescription drugs that cracked me
open to the near resolution of my
journey that now approaches,

part of what got me here is 8 total
psych-ward lock ups that were part
of my journey to get me to where I
am now, my journey is near complete
as much as I need to be as full as I
need for the end I desire of my
journey & rest,

over 2 & a half years ago while in
the psyche-ward I began to learn
how to Bane myself, since then it
has been 4 stays learning & growing
in knowledge of the art, I had to
find a way to survive & so I learned
to Bane myself,I have been slowly
learning these 2 or more years the
art & intuition of the art,

I first started to crack open in October
& November & December of 2010
due to the medications I was on, if
not for my stays in the psyche-ward
& the medications cracking me open
I would have nothing, the medications
were very hard to take but they beat
me into a race horse where as other
wise I never would have learned
anything, the medications & abuse
from cops nurses & doctors & orderlies
turned me from a trotting horse to a
race horse & now it is my whole life's
direction to Bane myself where as if I
had no stays I never would have learned
the art, if not for the heavy stress of
emotional physical abuse & the hard
life of the medications I would have
been exposed to no new life or the
option of Bane, if your life is too easy
you may never get out of your comfort
zone which is what drove me to the art,

I'm a full blown Jesus lover but I really
like this song from my childhood,



I am trying to jump my DNA to the next
evolutionary jump of Homo Sapiens, I am
trying to evolve my body the way
En Sabah Nur did in the comics, using
technology to create the next evolutionary
jump of the strand of human I am, using
technology like En Sabah Nur did in the

I will become the below one day, yep,
all of them,


drinking tea from cedar juniper bushes,

I wear a harness of pennies orgon crystals
bits of metal in a duct tape harness, I am
lead to believe it is getting tighter, I put
loosening strands in it, if it gets tight now,
oh ya I'm growing,

Rib bones too in the harness for a hope for
the bones to gravity-tron them out of my spine,

all these things I learned due to stays in
the psyche-ward & the juggling of
medications that slowly cracked my
awareness & consciousness, I am very
awake, learning the grub & dirt ways to
survive off the most common things
available for a scientific solution to my
problems created from the emotional
physical abuse & the severe side effects
of the various medications I have been
forced to take, I am a creation of the

take the mantle ditches,

things I've done to Bane myself,


other things I did to Bane myself
put my wire framed glasses on the antenna
& wear the glasses, I felt my Bindi pop, &
felt a tingle along my brow,

wrapped my feet & hands with the cord for
my radio & touch my fingers to the unused

switch the sides of my ear buds, from right to
left & left to right,

drink liquids with electrolytes & that was
put a current through, electrifying my bottles
of oil with magnets in & rubbing in on my
body & putting the oil in milk & drinking it,

drinking whey & milk & oil & amino acids
& adding them according to base & acidity,

putting pepsis on my speakers & computer
tower & drinking them,

drawing witch craft on my body in felts,

painting my nails for electrical vortexes,
having watch batteries in my hat, magnets
as bangles,

eating foods in certain orders, having my
apartment filled with talisman, electrifying
coins & putting them in my pockets,
electrifying rings & taping them on my
body to increase an electrical current,

transcribing the scriptures & putting them
up on my walls, Magic Cards on my walls,
pictures of food & body builders on my walls,
doing art of myself, listening to certain music
in rewind,

drinking honey water, avocados, having candles

having saline water in mugs cuz mugs have
metal in the clay & putting them on my speakers
& leaving & drinking later,

every one is different, no one needs the
same two things, if you have no intuition
you'll never figure yours out, most people
in government positions have no intuition,
it's their emotional make up, they get those
jobs cuz they have near no problem solving
skill, they are ethical not moral, they are
ridged & not flexible, they are pragmatic
not rational,

if you haven't had to survive then chances are
you'll have no ability to understand invention,

those who are poor always have theirs around
them, those who are wealthy have to travel to
find theirs,




6:03 pm 12-11-2013

boil water & put garlic in it,

it will increase your appetite
if you wanna gain muscle
while training, refresh a few
times a day,

a bottle of castor oil & a dime penny &
two magnets taped to the outside &
put on your speakers,

a mug which always have metal in the
clay with warm water & a saline wash
on your speakers,

now go learn to Bane yourselves,

boil water every few hours & add garlic,
it will be a hedge of protection from
those avers to garlic,

yep, a literal fiend of protection, some
hate garlic & will stay away from you,

quit listening to hip hop, it is the NWO's
child for music, listen to heavy metal or

to awaken the roids & HGH in diary,
add the drinks Base before Acid,
use chemistry to do this,

baking soda then milk, then whey, then
amino acids, then post workout powder
then creatine, honey, lemon juice then
castor oil,

just a touch of each of those ingredients,
just a touch, too much & you may get

cans or mugs with electrolytes for
room aura electrifying,

to strengthen bones Acid Before Base

 make magnetic roll bangles

I got mine from wal mart

I've been in act for about 2 & a half years
with my course of art, previously I was a

after vehicles have been abandoned
I may walk down to south America,
one of these days petrol vehicles will
be big paper weights & unusable,
everyone will be walking from then
on out

I am a near Cataveri, as I have had to deal
with someone breaking into my apartment
& spiking my food with PCP,I hqave been
testing all my food with taste to see,I now
know what a PCP high is, I have been
getting poisoned for over 20 years by someone,

it's in near everything in my apartment, near
all my food can been contaminated, I believe
that is how I got put in the mental health part
of hospital care,

if my program theory for Self Determining
Intelligence can't impress MIT university to
scoop me up, then the USA military will
never be awake enough to get me, if
Skynet isn't good enough for MIT the USA
military will never be smart enough to come
get me, if it takes a guy 2 or three years to
answer a booty call he'll never get laid ever
again, if the USA intelligence can't hear a
prompt call for sex, how intelligent do you
think they are, 

I guess all the military are full of fags if they
can't figure out the prompt reply needed
for a booty call,

I have 5 orgon crystals taped to different parts
of my body, my upper spine, deltoids & calves,
rib bones as well,

I rub mustard in my arm pits,

I make tea with juniper brush, elm & maple leaf,

keep a garlic scent in your apartment or home,
I boil water with cloves in them,

I am trying to create a new race of beings, I
want to be the next evolutionary jump in the
race called homo sapiens, I want to reach
farther the way they tried in the 4th Reich,
I want to be the rope over the abyss, the
way Nietzsche talked of the superman or

one of these days all vehicles will be made mute,
everyone will be walking, dunno when but I'm
waiting for it big time,

I slowly began to learn these things & to as I
call Bane myself, I began to learn this art
over two years ago in the two psyche-wards
I was in, here in Penticton & the one in
Kamloops, if not for those stays I doubt I
would have learned the art of this survival

most people in government would never
learn this art cuz their minds are washed by
the establishment & believe many false
things taught by contemporary sciences,
most sciences of the establishment are
erroneous & full of error, non who are
programmed by the educations of the
state will ever learn this art cuz their
trained & present beliefs are full of error,

a lot of very wealthy & powerful people
don't want this information disseminated
so get it while you can,

looks like nobody wants the perfect
solder for lessons or service,

I am done with relationships, if I wanna
get off I'll use porn, women are nothing
to me now, non wanted me before, they
won't get me now, women brushed me
off all those years, they had their chances,
I am all about the Art of Bane now,

I have given out the last of the Holy Ghost
I had to give out, if you want it now you'll
have to find it on your own, I used to give
it out like pez even after a few minutes of
talk but the torture I had to deal with from
the government of CDN my spirit has been
neutered & I have nothing left to give,

I even once gave the spirit genesis to a
guy who said he hated God so ya it`s a
powerful spirit, if you wanted it now you`ll
have to find it on your own, I have been
treated by the CDN government the last
three years shamelessly & here in lost

if you wanted the spirit from me you should
have shown up before the CDN government
put it`s hands on me, not once did they
listen to me of women birds or wives, they
didn`t listen to one of my words but combatively
dealt with me, they had no place of honesty
or lenience to deal with me but had the law
of the land to try to wipe me out, not once
were they perceptive to reason but attacked
me through out my times with doctors nurses
& the police in my pdsyche-ward stays &
arrests & doctor visits et al, not once were
they reasonable to deal with, they stripped
me of the last of my ability to pass of the
genesis of the spirit of the holy ghost that in
fullness is the Zen Cloud,

if some in positions of power desired my gift,
you should have picked me up, cuz you can`t
get pregnant by two women banging each
other, you need a man,

if those in positions of power tried to get it
off watching me, you can`t fill your belly off
watching others eat, you should have come
to me, but now it`s too late cuz I have no
more food to give out, I`m on rations myself
now even,

in December of 2010 Iwas trying to find &
communicate with the Rothschilds & David
Rockerfellar to share with them what I had
back then, but instead the RCMP arrested
me in December of 2010 & I was in the
psyche-ward for about 2 months,

I had spent some time till summer of 2011
to communicate in ways cuz I didn't know
a lot about Twitter or other means of
communications, I had spent over two years
trying to communicate with the North
American heads of Masonry but they never
bit, I tried to keep communicating till summer
of 2011 & then I had enough of people closing
the doors on me or hanging me out to dry
like sending MIT university my Skynet
program & them not replying & still getting
arrested 3 more times apart from the time I
was still in the Psyche when I twittered them
the program theory,

after summer of 2011 I had enough of those
in power shutting the door I tried to hold
open for people, now the door is locked &
shut by those I tried to communicate with &
I can't open it anymore cuz the spirit within
me has been neutered & I have no more
means to share it,

in December of 2010 I tried to suitor the
CIA & the Mossad for a job, but instead
I kept getting arrested, end of discussion,

imagine all my fair whether friends slipping
in the shower & shattering their spine &
pelvis in 5 places,

yep, everyone wants me or what I have
but no one is willing to take me off my
medications huh, what you think you can
milk a cow with Freddy gloves & not get

for over a year I've been on cranky meds
that for hours leave me up most of the
night vomiting & suffocating & people think
they can come in at the end after I'm near
done my time, what those who come in
while I'm near done my time & people
think they can just slip in without paying
a maxxive heavy toll,

no one can come in at the end & think a
death bed confession will impress anyone
other than their own deluded selves, what
I'm near past now & people think they
can just pick up where I am now & carry
them in, if you haven't done the time don't
expect to come in when the keys to the
city are near given me,

no one respects groupies in on a fast
track to money or fame when they have
done no roasting while waiting for their
place in the sun,

you can't pick up on late love for the
Queen of hearts, that day is past, why
bother now, your care for her will do
nothing, you should have loved her while
she was alive, jumping on that band
wagon is useless, you might as well pray
to your dead great grand parents,

if you weren't there before for dislike,
coming late won't impress anyone, people
love you only when you're dead, who will
that impress, not me if I were dead, come
late to the party & act like you were always
their, most if perceptive won't listen to you,
what you just got aids & now you finally
go to church, who's gonna buy your story,

what you never heard of the Queen of
Hearts till she died & now your the biggest
fan while everyone else has gone home,
oh ya, impressive,

what, MIT university & Hollywood can
rip me off for every one of my dollars &
a 10 spot is supposed to impress me, pfft,

if my life has been fragged by the system
created by those in power who am I to
complain to if no one cares about one
man apart,

if people thought this were a gimme it
would have been dealt with a long time
ago & hygienically not with entrails
everywhere & shat all over the floor &
walls, not to mention the blood of my
enemies, if things were that easy there
would be no such thing as red tape,

if people think they can slip into a guys
heart after the friends of those people
ruined his life, oh ya funny, you can't cut
off George W Bushes legs & think he
will wanna marry your daughters, no
one is that stupid except for Africans
who would rather be pimps & drug
dealers than Hip hop artists or football
or basketball players,

what as soon as I get in the NBA or
NFL I'm going to start sling lbs of crack
& coke, nice, I thought fame was enough,
but I guess for Africans unless they are
pimps or drug dealers their lives are
empty, Africans, the easiest mind washed
culture on the planet, izzy & turn you out
meant nothing in the 60s & the 70s until
Snoop Dog sling it, now he gets the fame
& money that should have went to
Frankie Smith & The Gap Band,

gimme, yep, I know others who have
the same gift & they all have no wire,

yep, gimme,I know others, but you can't
just take the gift, it's like Jesus disciples
some get it most don't, oh ya io know a
bunch who knows the gimme, but they
can't just give it to you & you can't just
take it either, you can hang out with one
of those people your entire life & get
nothing, they are usually the type not to
try to give it to you cuz they like the
power to control people, & if you ask, pfft,

unless you just get it, you'll never learn to
become a 13th warrior, & yep I know a
few, but like I said, unless you know how
to chew your cud you'll get nothing,

yep, I should be in a castle, but what's
MIT university or Hollywood gonna do
about that, probably nothing ,

yep, I should be in a caste but who's going
to get me off my cranky medications or
keep the person out who keeps breaking
in even after I get a deadbolt put on, no
one I guess, people think they can say hi
to me & it pays my bills & fills my stomach,
a lot of people have made easily 100s of
 billions if not trillions off my 10K or so
pages on literature off facebook & my
program theory for Self Determining
Intelligence but who's gonna be the first
to give me a buck if they can steal from
me so easily & have no recompense
done for their theft from me,

angry kids shouldn't have to give me their
candy if their parents are the ones who
took mine, so how will I get what's mine
if the parents are like that,

if you think you can get a gold coin out
of a wealthy man then go run into the
brush cuz you don't wanna pay him
back or cuz you think you got the best
of him what would an angry child say to
Joel Olsteen if Olsteen picked up a
cigarette butt a kid would flick out, I
imagine the kid would either laugh or
be amused that people prize such
garbage that others find so valuable,

I don't smell, but meh, I haven't had a
shower in probably over a month, I
have literally no body odor, none,
you'd think I just came out of the
shower, I almost never sweat,
possibly it has to do with all the honey
I ingest in a day, I usually eat once a
day & a lot of tea with honey in it, oil,
lemon juice amino acids etc,

it was my desire to spread the
Holy Ghost over the earth from
epicenter Penticton my home, in
one afternoon in summer 2011 I
gave out about 15 to 20 of my
paintings to rail the earth with the
Holy Ghost, saw it appear in a lot
of people & now through the last
two years I see the youth in a lot
of people cuz the Holy Ghost peals
back the hands of time,

each person I see who I believe
got touched down the grape vine
look like they are getting younger
& more healthy, I can't give it off
any more but some how the one
bad apple is beginning to spoil the
crate of healthy apples,

every person I see who I believe
has been touched by it looks younger
& way more healthy in their skin etc,

what you think you can get a gift
from me while nobody gets me off
cranky medications, you can think
you can be friends with a guy &
leave him behind in a life of pain
while you steal gold & you think
you can just move on when he is
languishing in pain,

what you think you can befriend a
person in poverty but has the gift
of life, you can't take his gift of life
& think you can leave him behind,

I am as I noticed today still shedding
the spirit onto those around, it is very
subtle & without the dramatic power
I was used to seeing, if you get the
spirit from me you would be well
advised to start reading the bible,
no other book will work to magnify
it cuz mine is from the bible & nothing
else, if you think you can get fed from
another book or literature while all
mine came from the bible, what do
you think you will get of that spirit,

I don't see big dramatic motion in the
spirit I'm now giving off, like I said it
is very subtle but I can see it, the only
way to magnify this spirit is by reading
the bible cuz that is where my spirit
came from & no other book, I can
cross reference the scriptures with a
lot of other books, but all the force
& power I have came from one book,
the bible,

if you think you can get protein from
eating grass go for it, if you think you
can get vitamin C from meat go ahead
& try,

if you think you can get my spirit &
be ingrained to be a meat eater how
will you fair if you become a vegetarian,
that's about the way it is, you can't
get a Jaguar to eat hay & grain he'll
die, they need meat,

if you get my spirit & don't eat right away
you'll lose it, when Jesus brought people
back from the dead he told the people
to feed the person, this was the allegory
of needing to read scriptures & here in
eat the word into your mind heart spirit
& body, cuz if you don't you had your
one chance to manifest the spirit,

as soon as I got it I began to dissect the
scriptures on a daily basis & that is how
I got what I have in this spirit, you only
have one chance in a small window of

on film I look very small but if you
saw me in person it wouldn't look
the same, I look very fit & have a
tight body if I flex, these pictures
are about a week old, btw, that's
blood, I just shaved,

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