Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I will wait for no one, light travel, thullajj,

I will wait for no one, if you
hadn't arrived 2 or 3 years
ago, you are way too late,
I have been faced with
violence & head games
constantly for three years

if you hadn't arrived atleast
2 years ago I have nothing
for you,

if you didn't love me as poor
I won't love you when I
become a king & it is
approaching fast,

any who arrive now will get
a no from me, I continually
tried to keep a door open
for people while all they did
was slam them on me, if you
haven't arrive by now you
will get a no from me, it is
too late to peal back my 6
arrests & over 2 years total
in lock up, no mercy for any
not mine, I know mine & no
others will pass, I don't care
hot hot or how wealthy you are,

I am impartial with my view as
I care not for money, but purity,
if you rely on your looks or
cash you'll get nothing from
me, I know mine is racing for
me now, I care not if you are
hot or wealthy, if you don't
know the immediacy of a
booty call you'l never get laid
by me,

if you had me monitored but
didn't help me with my trials
then you made a big mistake,
you had full knowledge while
you let it all slip away from
under your nose, if you had
me monitored the last 2 or 3
years & gave me no help then
you will be some of the biggest
fools for having knowledge but
denying it's worth whether you
wanted it or not but never tried
to let me flourish or assist me to
teach you if you wanted my gift
while at the same time you tossed
it aside to think you could steal
it from me by watching & thinking
you could harvest what is mine
for yourselves while I was in lock

if you thought you could monitor
me to think you could steal what
is mine by trying to culture my
gifts for yourself while you hung
me out to dry, if you thought you
could watch me & take this gift
for yourselves thinking you could
hedge me out while you tried to
put me out & try to culture it for
yourselves & in so trying to steal
one more thing from me like my
self determining intelligence program
theory that you could one more time
hedge me out & use my gifts &
creations with me being excluded
while you try to culture my gifts for
yourself & to try to exclude me yet

big mistake guys,

end of story,

no matter who or when a one
arrives someone will beat them to
the punch,

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