Monday, 18 November 2013

only if you live outside of Canada & have some resting,

if you have friends or family in resting spots,
pour milk over their graves,

if a male 3 liters
if a female 1.5 liters

male is 30
female is 15,

in Hosea he had to pay 15
of a sum for each of his wives,

male as in Jesus was 30 silver coins,
Hosea had to pay 15 each to fulfill
the fullness of male in 30 for both
his wives,

if you desire use spirits or wine,
if you use spirits or wine soak 15
or 30 chapters cut out of a bible
in the beverage,

in Canada this will not work cuz
the government of Canada tortured
me for over 3 years so Canadians
are out of this deal,

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