Wednesday, 27 November 2013

the ante & jumping the shark

a bout a half hour ago I sensed
that hip hp has jumped the shark,

be aware for restlessness in the
inner city as those in the ghetto
realize the hip hop life style
hasn't trickled down to those in
the inner city, I believe the
blinders will be coming off hard
& powerfully, be aware for
restlessness, I believe those in
the supposed lifestyle will
finally realize it's all talk in
the upper echelons & that no one
in the hood is experiencing those
things supposedly they live like
on the tele,

I believe in the hood they are
finally starting to wake up to
the fact that these hip hop guys
don't even live the lives they
try to emulate & that the gold &
bling is all owned by others &
only for show & that very few
are millionaires,

the blinders are coming off, I
believe it will happen hard &
fast, the jig is up,I'm listening
to Lady Gaga & R. Kelly in Do
What You Want With My Body,
take a listen & replay it for
a while, they have upped the
ante about as much as they can
now, they can't keep the secret
for ever, it's pretty much a
life of fame & not wealth,

go listen to some of the top
40 & see between the lines,

the jig is near up, I'm forwarding
this to Stadtmiller too,


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