Monday, 11 November 2013

if other children as pissed off as me have a beef with me,

I too had parents, if I stole your candy,
well, I believe my parents were thieves,
they taught me everything I know,

if at the end of the day you have no candy,
my momma never raised no fool,

if you get between a Cenobite & Hell,
get ready to burn,

if your pals canèt do simple deduction I
have to figure out my own trees cuz
you have no one with remedial or
investigative skills, I ll figure out my own
shat & leave you in my wake,

can t figure out what people are doing
to their kids, if you have no grasp on
rule or the lives of the plebs but the
surfs have to wake themselves cuz
you have no intelligence, yep the surfs
will a wake,

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