Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I can feel the effects in my body for those things I am using to Bane the planet, I can feel the effects now, I'm using my knowledge of science to Bane the planet, & yep I can feel it the last hour or so,

quote mental illness is actually the
wilderness experience Joshua
went through for 40 days, I've
been there since spring of 1991
when my wilderness experience
started & I'd say as of a year ago
I am out,

any who have quote a mental
illness are in the wilderness trying
to wrangle with strong women,
those who were born yesterday
all have weal crack whores for
women or birds, unless you have
had a wilderness experience you
have a weak crack whore for a

I've tried to talk to nurses about
this but non gave me a very
forgiving reply & my then doctor
said I had a problem with the
other sex when it was my bird I
was trying to wrangle with, they
thought or at least said I had
problems with dibatchees when
my issue was with my bird so
they abused me more & more if
they were trying to be mean or
just never knew what bird was
cuz non of them gave me very
forgiving replies,

if you want sympathy from me I
have non left, the devil had the
last of it,

I don't pick up bottles I walk up
to the bank & put it in my pocket,
Bane All World,

in Canada pastors preach money,
in the USA they preach psychology,

& on top of all this I have to deal
with my mom & her Munchhausen
breaking into my place regularly &
stealing things & spiking my food
with either PCP or LSD or Mescaline,
I tried to call the cops but they told
me to do my own investigation &
don't even know what Munchhausen

every night I have to take colozapine
which leaves me vomiting &
suffocation for hours every night,
my nurses & doctor told me not to
vomit it up but I tried to tell them
my medication makes me vomit &
he didn't seem to understand what
I said cuz they told me not to vomit
it up, but the deal is, unless you
know what medication is you don't
know what vomiting & suffocating
are, so i imagine they don't understand
either what medication & vomiting
are, or they don't understand a
language I like to call english, so
they told me not to vomit my
medication up, meh, yep, like my
head is under water every night &
 loads of vomiting,

with having to deal with this for
over a year, nope I'm not in a
good mood, nope I'm not in a
good mood any more, the time
for diplomacy was over a long
time ago,

my psychiatrist calls being the
recipient of breaking & entries
a case of paranoid schizophrenia,

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