Wednesday, 13 November 2013

things I've done to Bane myself,

other things I did to Bane myself
put my wire framed glasses on the antenna
& wear the glasses, I felt my Bindi pop, &
felt a tingle along my brow,

wrapped my feet & hands with the cord for
my radio & touch my fingers to the unused

switch the sides of my ear buds, from right to
left & left to right,

drink liquids with electrolytes & that was
put a current through, electrifying my bottles
of oil with magnets in & rubbing in on my
body & putting the oil in milk & drinking it,

drinking whey & milk & oil & amino acids
& adding them according to base & acidity,

putting pepsis on my speakers & computer
tower & drinking them,

drawing witch craft on my body in felts,

painting my nails for electrical vortexes,
having watch batteries in my hat, magnets
as bangles,

eating foods in certain orders, having my
apartment filled with talisman, electrifying
coins & putting them in my pockets,
electrifying rings & taping them on my
body to increase an electrical current,

transcribing the scriptures & putting them
up on my walls, Magic Cards on my walls,
pictures of food & body builders on my walls,
doing art of myself, listening to certain music
in rewind,

drinking honey water, avocados, having candles

having saline water in mugs cuz mugs have
metal in the clay & putting them on my speakers
& leaving & drinking later,

every one is different, no one needs the
same two things, if you have no intuition
you'll never figure yours out, most people
in government positions have no intuition,
it's their emotional make up, they get those
jobs cuz they have near no problem solving
skill, they are ethical not moral, they are
ridged & not flexible, they are pragmatic
not rational,

if you haven't had to survive then chances are
you'll have no ability to understand invention,

those who are poor always have theirs around
them, those who are wealthy have to travel to
find theirs,



6:03 pm 12-11-2013

boil water & put garlic in it,

it will increase your appetite
if you wanna gain muscle
while training, refresh a few
times a day,

a bottle of castor oil & a dime penny &
two magnets taped to the outside &
put on your speakers,

a mug which always have metal in the
clay with warm water & a saline wash
on your speakers,

now go learn to Bane yourselves,

boil water every few hours & add garlic,
it will be a hedge of protection from
those avers to garlic,

yep, a literal fiend of protection, some
hate garlic & will stay away from you,

quit listening to hip hop, it is the NWO's
child for music, listen to heavy metal or

to awaken the roids & HGH in diary,
add the drinks Base before Acid,
use chemistry to do this,

baking soda then milk, then whey, then
amino acids, then post workout powder
then creatine, honey, lemon juice then
castor oil,

just a touch of each of those ingredients,
just a touch, too much & you may get

cans or mugs with electrolytes for
room aura electrifying,

to strengthen bones Acid Before Base

 make magnetic roll bangles

I got mine from wal mart

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