Sunday, 24 November 2013

nuclear war will begin this week, be perapred to burn,

if I had a gift intelligence agencies
were interested in, I have lost it
& getting continually beaten up
won't bring it back,

what if both your arms & legs got
cut off would you be going to the

if I had a gift you were interested
in I lost it cuz of being abused
continually in the CDN health
system, if you were watching me
to see if you could learn something
you lost your opportunity by not
coming to talk to me directly,

if you think being beaten around
helps the gift oh ya go jump in a
circle of guys punching & kicking

I lost the power of the gift from
the brutal treatment of the CDN
health system, if you wanted it
you should have come get me
directly cuz you can't get full by
watching others eat,

forewarding MIT university with
my Self Determining Intelligence
program theory while being locked
up & not receiving a reply or
getting hung out to dry by them
while I got locked up 3 more times
even after continually messaging
them, oh ya, or Hollywood gleaning
all my creations off my system or
all I wrote on line, oh ya, it's been
a big robbery,

& now, nuclear war this week,
believe it, my two year plan to
create nuclear war off all I created
to be stolen & make the perfect
climate for nuclear war & now
my plan is finally on, the season
is too late to stop it now unless
you can grow summer vegetables
in November,

 the last 2 years I have been at
fevered pace creating media
things & other creations
knowing the internet is a
garden with it's fruit taken
by hollywood,

I have with intent created to
make a climate for nuclear
war with all I have created
knowing that all things I have
created end up on screen, so
I have created at fevered pitch
that which I knew would create
the climate for nuclear war, &
the season is now upon us,

be ready to breath fire,

my town will be nuked as well
as most metropolis centers,

 the internet & print shops
are like a garden for that
of media & science & the
military to glean free info
from, I realized this & have
been putting out a deer
tethered to the ground for
a python to eat & not be
able to escape but get
skinned for a brand new
pair of boots,

the last 3 years I've been
tortured by the CDN
government while being locked
up 6 times for what they said
was that I was suicidal, thanks
for telling me, cuz I never
would have guessed till I was
told so,

there is no cooling me down
after the royal treatment that
was rendered me by cops
nurses & doctors & orderlies,
being ganged on more than once,
for disputing a woman getting
her blood test or my complaining
of other patients groping me,

you can't have a gift tied to
emotion & supersede your
gift if you are met with violence
& assault, the gift I had died
as I had to deal with so much
violence pointed at me,  if
people wanted what is associated
with my then gift they should
have come to talk to me instead
of hanging me out to dry, you
can't learn a skill from one by
monitoring their life, if you want
lessons come get a tutorial, cuz
leaving the guy get violated won't
increase your knowledge of his

if you hoped to learn something
you should have come to talk to
me istead of watching video feed
of me eating or sleeping, if a gift
like I had isn't done to the face
you will learn nothing, this is a
one on one gift, it isn't taught by
watching lions pace back & forth
in a pen, this gift is given face to

what you think you can learn how
to be a lion by visiting the zoo,
I don't think so, this is an insiders
gift & if you aren't an insider you
won't learn Ebonics & ghetto talk
by monitoring, you need a lesson
face to face cuz if schools have
teachers they have a guy at the
front of the room for a reason
cuz you can't learn this gift from a far,

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