Friday, 22 November 2013

gathering crumbs

gathering crumbs won't impress anyone,

I wonder how many millionaires Oprah
made of those who neglected to soften
her struggle to make a buck,

those weren't her cars she gave away,

most people are like that I find,

no one softened my struggle so, meh,

I know mine, others know theirs,

waterboarding the homeless is not
besides the point,

I wonder how many homeless the
CIA & other officers clean off the
street, just for laughs huh,

amI gonna come home & find my
files categorized, words are so easy
to change,

sometimes I sit around & wonder
how much writings I did & all that
got printed like a portrait of dead
Kennedys, but no one cares about
the past so why not through those
pictures in the garbage if portraits
of presidents & ministers are so
archaic no one understands the
wealth in them,

what has been seen, meow meow,

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