Sunday, 17 November 2013

tepco last will testament

if they had of listened to me small ballistic blitz it they could
have burned off all the rads & clean it out like an augur, too
late now, the thing has become alive,

I twittered them to ballistic in a certain formation to clean
out the rads with heavy heat in the ballistics, too late now,

essentially nukes are clean, the power stations not so much,
ballistics are a flash while the power stations are like septic
water that continues to ferment & sour,

I tried to tell Tepco about 2 doubt 3
times, but no one listened to me, so

if they try to ballistic it now, oh
ya bang supernova now, but meh,

go put your wood stove on or
some candles bro,

candles in my apartment cleans
the air when guys are smoking
crack in the building,

like a match in the airplane loo,

 4 & 1, love those numbers, dunno the numerolgy except that it is not good for couting things you wanna save,

could get real bad if it's like that, yep, full circle,

my idea was extreme, but this is probably a bit worse,

 saline is extremely conductive, that could be a real bad maneuver,

things like that are like fraternal twins,

if you spit on one, the other feels it as well,

any water or salt from the same origin they used in that wash will
also harbor the same conductivity of the wash put in the plant's pool,

if you have 1 2 3 & throw a b or c in the alignment will recall where
ever the twin is located,

if you put A in the pool, then the "1" will feel it where ever else it is
no matter where do to the yoke of the twins being fraternal,

1 - A

2 - B

3 - C

when 1 goes viral, the elemental tie of it's fraternal twin will feel it
when the bond awakes

 when it goes super nova the galaxy will freeze,
the electrical shock will be too much for the
gravity of the sun,

the sun may get stripped of part of it's life as
this creates it's own form of conductive gravity,

it's possoible that the conductive gravity of
Fukishima may over power the gravity of the sun,

who knows after that, possible stripping helium
& hydrogen off the surface of the sun leaving
it's core which may be too strong to let go of
it's, yep core, if this happens, near nuclear
winter without the ash,

I guess the only idea I have is certain special
locations around the planet with ballistics to
try to keep the motion of the earth around
the sun,

triangulate the locations around the earth to be
hit with ballistics to keep the motion of the
galaxy intact, dunno how many, just an idea,

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