Wednesday, 27 November 2013

if you think you can take what is mine in the spirit you can't I'm a virgin, if you have a woman you are excluded from an spiritual gifts

if you think you can take
what is mine in the spirit
you can't I'm a virgin, if
you have a woman you
are excluded from an
spiritual gifts,

if you have a wife or bird
you can't change that cuz
these spirits only want a
virgin who hasn't hurt or
used them for your own
personal gain, if you have
a woman you can't get a
divorce unless you die,

a guy who has a woman
can't better a guy who is
a virgin, I am a virgin in
terms of women & birds,
nothing can stop that, I
have faced 7 - 9 spirits
who tried to take me but
each time I denied them,
so I am now a virgin for
 life, if you have a wife
or bird you can't do
anything to better that,

I have been tested by
about 7 - 9 women &
each time I denied them
to become a virgin, they
desire a virgin cuz he isn't
into using them like a genie
in a bottle cuz they know
one day he will have them
to become God on the new
earth, the deal with being
the son of perdition isn't to
have a government but to
rule the after life as God
with the empowerment of
all demonic & angelic spirits
housed within that virgin,

the son of perdition isn't to
have a govern,ment but to
rule the new earth as God
while being host to every
demonic & angelic spirit,
there will be no Quote mark
of the beast the way most
people believe cuz they
don't understand the
scriptures properly, the
deal with the Son of Perdition
is to rule the after life on
earth as God, when he rises
the Lord is on the way to
make way the throne for such
the virgin,

if you have a woman or bird
you will have nothing in the
after life but to serve, only
the virgins will rule, & I have
faced all the big girls & the
crown is mine & I know it,

there are none in terms of the
spirit the married or if there
are other virgins, I have had
to battle all the big girls who
tried to test me & I prevailed,
I know it is mine & time is
short, nothing can stop it, I
tried the last three years to
open a door for others to
take part with me but they
closed the door on me so
many times that the door is
shut for good now,

I tried to communicate with
masons & the church of Satan
but no one replied to me but
really hung me out to dry &
never helped me once when
I kept getting locked up in
psyche-wards the last three
years, 6 times, those 6 stays
are what taught me all I know
as I morphed each time I
went in & learned my Bane
Sciences that opened my
mind to be intelligent scientific,
problem solving, investigating
& the knowledge of how to
use science to begin to change
my DNA to jump my DNA to
be the next evolutionary jump
of homo sapiens,

I learned my Bane Sciences
about half way through the last
three years as well how to use
spiritual warfare to combat
those who railed against me,

the door is closed on all unworthy,
I tried to hold it open but they
railed against me too long &
now I can't open it anymore, I
am too emotionally traumatized
to make a way for anyone any
more, if you aren't ready by now
you'll spend eternity as a slave,
I'm too worn out emotionally to
help any more, it is complete, not
I wait for my crown,

too many government employees
& my mom destroyed my life, all
like will fail in the next re-incarnation
of creation, the deal is to become
the Joseph on earth to Jesus
Pharaoh in heaven,

if you are hot or rich I don't care,
looks mean nothing to me if I'm in
a bad mood, don't think a few
bucks or looks will take you far if
you knew of me but denied me
help, I care not for money or sex,
if I'm in a bad mood why would I
care who you think you are

I don't care who you are if you
leave me to hang, if no one gives
me aid you'll never get a crown
from me, no one can lean on their
cash & popularity with me, I'll
own everything in the physical
one day so how can you impress
me when I become God in the
physical, trinkets & paper won't
impress me if I am that powerful
eternity in power means more to
me than 100 dollars or a diamond

if people think they can rely on
fame to impress an almighty God
over creation you are very mislead,

if people think their fame or money
can impress me, I could easily turn
some stones into my people if any
think they can look past me, I'll open
a fantasy picture book to find a mate,

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