Wednesday, 27 November 2013

my Bane Science I am using on the planet with will sour some & flower some,

my Bane Scince I am using on
the planet with sour some &
flower some, after about 2 or
3 hours of the act I had begun
to feel issue in what I am doing,
I have a lot of extra sensory

I can sense things others can't
if I am sensitive to those things,
I have like extra layers to my
consciousness that lets me see
more than most other people,
in the Bane Sciences I have
used on myself I am more
aware of things & much more
vigilant than those emotionally
dumb, I have many extra sensory
abilities that sees through events
in the allegory or prophetic,
meaning reading signs on things
to happen before the result is met,

I can see things before they happen,

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