Friday, 3 January 2014

a reply to a friend on a forum I visit, an answer to his fear of a world government, updates,

negro, if you knew the balance of things they hold onto
you'd laugh,

most things in the modern way of looking at things are
so skewed,

if you also believe in vaccines or the four food groups
oh ya you may believe they have a handle on things,

if you believe the popular talk of global warming et al,
yep they have a strangle hold on our scrotums,

but if you are in the vanguard & don't believe those
popular indoctrinations then try to have some hope

if you believe the contemporary lines of thinking you'll
deffo believe they'll win,

so don't give up now bruv, hang on for a laughing session
that even the Carry On Gang couldn't muster,


a ballistic nuclear attack by china on N America at large,

whatever will,

pul up your jock & dial in,

Re: Putting it all together

Postby lanaj » Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:07 am
I've done a lot of electro magnetic things to the water that flows
from my shower, pouring saline that was in bottles with batteries
& coins & magnets on them & sitting on my tower & my speakers,

after about 2 - 3 hours of pouring those 9 bottles & the saline in
my shower I felt the issue of it in the atmosphere around my
apartment as I had a cigarette, & btw,I did that all day every
half hour for about a full 7 days,

I believe this water where it flows will afflect an ballistic near
that water, I keep my water closet full & top it with the said
saline, have a few pieces of metal in the water closet & a couple
candles on top, under each candle is either a dime or a penny
for one to each,

I have brazed my pyrex pots & mugs with the current from my
speakers & make tea & coffee with said saline water,

done a lot of electro magnetic things, I believe this will create
a field, cuz basically nukes are energy blasts not regular bombs,
I believe nukes are pure energy while regular bombs are tnt,

I bet my apartment is nuke proff by now, my body too, if they
nuke, I'll be breathing fire cuz of the field around me,

by the way those who follow me, I've seen a lot of
precursors that lead me to believe my stature will
change soon, won't give all the events, but the size
  factor is on the way,

dunno when but I believe in the near future my
chosen will grow in stature in the near future,
waiting to become a literal giant from the things
I've done to my body to jump my DNA to mutate
 myself & hit a pressure button for jumping my
DNA & grow in size & power, get ready my
chosen, cuz it's coming,

the forum I visit is called

I probably don't need to do any more for
my DNA jumping, I think it's synched now,
but meh, habits die hard,

if you know what a Nephilim is, that is what
I am waiting for & to become, me & my chosen,
lots & lots of Le Noir, Le Noir are in my belief
almost always a synch due to the
African Queen Lucifer being their top dog,
I believe since God has a love for women,
near all Le Noir will enter in, as per follows,

Matthew 21:31
King James Bible
Whether of them twain did the will of his
 father? They say unto him, The first. Jesus
saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That
 the publicans and the harlots go into the
kingdom of God before you

if you know what a woman or bird is you
know what a prostitute is, & publicans or
 tax collectors being human saved,

IMO Le Noir are near always numbered
with the women cuz of the race they are &
where they came from, the banks of the
Gihon in Ethiopia & the land of Ethiopia
where Lucifer is from, my belief, all Le Nior
came from the banks of the Gihon, &
spread from there, a verse from Isaiah &
of Ethiopias & cheetahs, God loves his
women & won't kick em out of bed for
anything, Matthew 21:31,

if you ever won't over to hurt any African,
you are injuring their Queen as well, Lucifer,
you never wanna hurt her family, lots of
racist going to hell guys, lots, all of them,
if they are jewish white, whatever, yep,
even jews, God loves his women,

Matthew 21:31,

btw, read this if you have always wanted
a realistic Jesus,

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