Tuesday, 14 January 2014

if you have a problem with me,

if you have a problem with me,

I have a problem with the mental
health system & it's pseudo science,

if you know what trying to wrangle
strong birds is, yep, that's the mental
health system & all the nurses &
doctors know it,

unless you know what a woman,
bird, steer or bull or ox is you
won't understand what being in
the wilderness is & being part
of the mental health system,

cranky meds taken, one more
night of vomiting & suffocating
due to my meds, I talk to my
doctor about it but he acts like
I'm not talking,

been locked up 6 times in the
last three years & spent over 2
years in total in two different
psycheward cuz of my strong

but meh they like to cover up the
 fact the psyche system is all about
 those in the wilderness trying to
wrangle strong birds, oh ya they
know, all the headgames they use
on patients,

oh ya they know,

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