Friday, 17 January 2014

if people actually paid me for my creations I'd have some money to brag about, but no one likes to pay for things they just like to take, oh my,

I haven't recieved a cent for all I have made,

I wonder what the penalty of theft of intellectual
property is,

some say a fine of 250,000 & five years in
jail, but I haven't seen anything yet,

for now I have to deal with people
hating my woman & being made to
take medications that leave me hours
every night suffocating & vomiting,

some like this trash huh,

hollywood hunks hey,

just imagine if someone liked the idea of Red Dawn,

a christian's going to save freedom, below,


LA at large,

is this a warning or entertainment,

still remember Jerry Falwell saying, I hope
George Bush blows em all away in the
name of the Lord, cool christian huh, lotta
love in that guy huh,

Transformers 3

summer of 2010 had a dream of Megan Fox
being proud & arrogant, a few months later
she slagged Michael Bay & got dropped
from Transformers,

summer 2010 had a dream of Arnold on
the cover of Time with aids, a bunch of
months later his new kid shows up,

when I watched Terminator 3 & saw his
eye light go out as the terminator, I knew
he'd lose his bird,

fukushima erupts a few years ago, then last year
sometime the film Pacific Rim comes out,

if you can see the continuity & linearity in real
life events & that of film, you can partially take
the temperature of global events,

Red Dawn, or Capotain America Winter
Soldier, is there a continuity or linearity to these
media & real life global events,

terminator judgement day,

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