Saturday, 18 January 2014

& you,

foolishness is all a guy needs to be a thief robbed,

if you want a thief robbed, his stupidity will help
on that occasion,

what no one grows old or breaks their hip in old

no one gets cancer or dementia,

no one gets arthritis or gonorrhea,

what, no one goes blind,

what no one gets orgon failure for

what no one kills their girl friend
when they drink & drive,

what no one deals dope & their
little sister is met by your competition,

what no body steals from your uncle
to create a tele station, yet you ask
a guy for a cigarette & don't wanna
pay for it,

what you can make conversation for
a sting yet you are hating on Icke,

if you hate Icke & his ways, don't
fleece yourself,

you have a beef with women, go
watch gay porn,

what women are the devil, go try
out a man,

what you hate the military killing people,
don't lie to your friends or try to fleece

what you hate God, go commit suicide
cuz he made you,

what you hate God, go cut your eyes
out cuz he made this world, the trees
& animals,

you hate god, go kill yourself cuz he
created the earth you walk on,

what you hate god, go kill yourself
so you can meet him & complain,

 if women hate having sex with Filipinos they
should quit dating them, simple as that,

if you get angry when your little sister gets
raped or sold drugs, do you sell drugs or
smooth talk women to bed,

if you are upset that your uncle got technology
stolen from him, what you don't watch porn,
go get married & quit stealing a moment,

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