Monday, 20 January 2014

mitigating the coming nuclear war, China will start this war, the USA will be invaded,

get some glass jars put batteries & magnets & coins on it, tape,

place that on your speakers,

saline, olive oil, castor oil, meh,

put your mugs & pyrex pots on your speakers,

charge your water, light saline, & oil or cans of pop,

drink, moisturize with the oil,

smear the oil on the door lintels & four walls,

put a few quarters in your water closet,

put candles on your coins on the water closet,

boil saline currency & pour in your water closet,

put coins & magnets under your candles,

make a field for your homes & put it inside yourself to,

nukes are basically energy bombs apart from conventional ballistics,

pour your potions down your shower or toilets

bangles with magnets & batteries coins,

I been doing this about two years & it has been one of the things
that has evolved my intelligence & sensory awareness

my psychiatric medications have also been a big part in
the evolving of my intelligence that most people not on
medications would have,

these psyche meds have opened new doors for my
awareness intelligence & sensory perceptions,

much like doing hallucinogens, opening doors in my mind,

somethings I have wrapped in tape batteries coins
& magnets are, lemon juice, honey, oil & saline solutions,
& on my speakers, sometimes if I have pop, that too,

psychiatric medications are often much like psychedelic
drugs & warp & change your reality, if your reality like
mine is plastic, anything is possible,

near everything I am now is due to psychiatric side effects
from my medications, without that I wouldn't have my
intelligence ratio I have now, ideas on science,

near everything I am now is thanks to the medications
I am prescribed,

if you have a plastic reality, the things you notice due
to a change in sensory perception is altered & you
see through the lines & can divine the future cuz you
see through the lines or the big picture rather than
being stuck on one thing you see the storm & you
 like the Doors & Timothy Leary, your perception
is altered to see through things in words
conversations, media,

when your reality is plastic you see more fully the
 reality continuity allegory linearity, it's like constantly
being on a psychedelic & seeing things through
different eyes & seeing the threads of reality in
all your sensory observations,

been locked up 6 times between Sept 2010
& spring of 2013, in my 5th stay my intelligence
broke out & then became scientific in my creations,
program theory for computers military war installations,

before those medications in that 5th stay I had nothing,
but on that 5th stay out of the last few years, yep,
my intelligence broke out due to those medications,
learned a lot in that time,

in that 5th stay, began to see a lot of crazy stuff,
like the spirit of the demonic speaking through
people,I could hear through those people
speaking the spirit that spoke through those
 people, now I see the reality congruity
allegory & linearity of spirits speaking through

if not for the medications n those days the
door to hearing spirits speaking through
people may not have been opened, but
now I hear the spirits any time I want to
listen, if not for the medications those doors
would still be closed,

but then meh, the entire psychiatric system
is about people trying to wrangle strong
women or birds, I call it like Jesus, being
in the wilderness, that's plain & simple
what the mental health system is, hospitalizing
people trying to wrangle strong birds,

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