Saturday, 25 January 2014

if it weren't for psyche meds I wouldn't have half of what I have,

they aren't easy to deal with,
but they do have a pay off,

I'm very sure doctors don't
know what they are like,
they broaden your scope
on reality, much like psychadelics,
they open your consciousness
quite a far bit,

if not for these medications I'd
still be a dull lout,

after my use of prescribed
Wellbutrin my reality began to
change, but doctors say
medications have no lasting
side effects, they either know
& are lying or haven't a pot to
piss in, most meds have life
lasting side effects, easily
psyche meds are harder to take
than street drugs & I haven't seen
a meth user have a bounce back
after continued use, why would it be
the same for drugs in general
not just street drugs,

yep, they are hard to take, but I
wouldn't have half what I have
without the suffering these meds
have caused me,

yep, drugs, medications, life lasting,
if I had a trick now, it prolly won't
change, medications, a whole lot
like doing LSD,

I could complain to my doctor
but he acts like I'm not talking,
the drug I'm on now causes me
suffocating & vomiting hours nightly
before I get sleep, but having a
dissociative disorder from my
night time to my day time allows
me to get by,

you don't like what my meds do to me,
complain to someone else,

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