Friday, 10 January 2014

my body building recipe

I don't feel like doing the whole round about so I'll be terse,

my experi4ence with creatine & anator P90,

one month creatine, bang 10 lbs,

piggy backed with anator P90 the next month 10 extra pounds,

my theory, cycle the creatine & a congruant to Anator P90 cuz it's been discontinued,

my belief come back the 4th month & use creatine & piggy backed the 5th month with a congruant to Anator P90, probably an extra 10lbs, my theory,

I get to a max & lose steam,

I bet you the farm though you may be able to get to a genetic peak in this format,

subcutaneous injections of cyanocobalamin for appitite, the recipe for success,

1 cc of cyanocobalamine every 5-7 days, for appitite, if you have troubles with appitite, oh ya, the cyano will take care of that no sweat,

get your GP or general practitioner to show you safe methods of injecting, it's very simple if you know, it's not burdensome, pinch of fat in the inner thing, right in the pinch of fat, very easy,

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